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    Tractor Not Starting

    Let me correct that. Most of the time. I once had to use 3 jumper batteries at once. It needed lots of amps to spin a bad starter motor.
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    Tractor Not Starting

    It will tell you where to concentrate your attention. Battery and or battery connections.
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    Fixing a cracked beak?

    Where did you get that? Super glue was an accident. Super glue CAN be toxic to some. Medical super glue is a derivative of super glue. Not the same thing. Though it looks and acts the same.
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    How To Adjust The Valves On A 350 Chevy

    As markmc60 said need history....unless you want more bugs introduced to the problem If it had been running why would you check if the wires were in the right place?
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    Secretary Perdue Announces New Innovation Initiative for USDA

    Wow He want the big Agri-corps to be bigger. And the small farmer to go away. All said in the first paragraph.
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    How To Pull A Gooseneck Trailer With A Bumper Hitch

    Think of the tongue weight. That truck will be doing wheelies. Can I watch?
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    Baking Soda to Kill Weeds

    OK It is a vegetation killer. I believed it was a weed killer. Got to keep me straight.
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    Baking Soda to Kill Weeds

    How does the baking soda know the difference between the weeds and the wanted plants/grasses?
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    How To Put Teflon Tape On

    Put it on the male end. Start a little above the treads. Hold pipe in the right hand and the tape with the right thumb. Tape should be up side down so it does not unwind easy. Wrap the tape in the direction you would thread the female end. 3 to 4 wraps. Pull or stretch the tape to break it off...
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    Rotary cutter

    Ditto, what MC said.
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    How To Open Oil Drum

    Fill it with water.
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    Internet, A&M university, local county agent are a few sources. It is easy once you get the basics.
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    How Many Pounds In A Half Ton

    I once hauled a bunch of RR ties in the back of a very little Toyota truck. 60 miles doing wheelies. Was not fun. I had no idea what I was getting into.
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    What are the options for retiring an older tractor?

    Several salvage yards out there. They will come and pick it up.