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    Bean Stalker

    Congrats! You've joined the Bean Stalker club with 199 posts. Next stop, some other title. Keep on posting on!
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    777 Bales Club

    Bet you didn't expect this award. For every message, you get a digital hay bale! 777 of them are now in your digital hay bale account which makes you a member of the 777 bales club. (If you're confused by this, don't be. It just means you're a good person!)
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    Route 66

    66 posts! Nice job farmer friend! You're like the famous highway... here to stay!
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    Golden Chicken Status

    This is the coveted golden chicken status! Awarded to a member who posts 111 or more times on the internet farm chat site.
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    Golden Rooster

    You've started 66 topics there farmer, earning you the highly coveted Golden Rooster award! Not to be confused with the Golden Chicken Status, which is much easier to get.
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    Missing Farmer Alert

    Uh oh! You haven't been to FarmChat in 10 days... were you abducted by aliens? If so, get back to FarmChat and tell us why they make those crop circles!
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    Golden Grain Bin

    Wow! You have posted 111 threads! Thank you for bringing the quality! Here's a virtual grain bin filled with diamonds to commemorate your contributions. Retail value: $0.00.
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    Farm Hand

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    Farmer's Heartbeat

    You're officially alive! You've posted your first message! Great job. Now get back in there and post some more.