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    Welcome treat for the cows

    There is nothing as cute as feeding them with apples. Cattle seem to love carrots as well. As kids, we cherished doing so too. After a while, we got used to seeing the tongues come out.
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    Your Own Personal Structure

    I use this same approach. There is a clear structure of duties, but everyone on the farm is flexible about taking up roles when the need arises. How do you assign roles on your farm, @Jack L?
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    How easy is it to find mentors considering that farming is an involving venture? The diverse set of skills that farmers need requires mentorship and advice. How else can we learn the ropes?
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    Maintaining healthy soil

    Excessive tillage of land is harmful to soil health. During this process, more oxygen gets added to the soil resulting in the decomposition of organic matter. There have to be additions of organic matter to counter this. Failure to do so will lead to the reduction of soil health.
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    Contactless payments

    It is true that customers now prefer other modes of payments, but cash. As a farmer, we should give them these options, and as @greg says, it is the right to implement these ideas.
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    Any good magazines?

    I am also curious to hear any suggestions about magazines that are not full of ads. However, there are tons of information online, and the modern farmer almost has everything they need at the click of a button.
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    Starting a farming business

    Are you a hobby farmer, or do you farm for profit? For most farmers, this forms the starting point and forms the basis of a farming strategy. It is easier for someone who grew up on a farm to start a farming business. How about those who are new to farming; where do they start?
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    Backyard livestock

    There has to be enough space so that the livestock have a favorable environment. You should start small and more gradually if the need arises. Chickens, quails, or rabbits are possible options.
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    Finicky chickens

    It would be useful to know how old your chickens are. Have they gone off-lay, or have not laid eggs before? If chickens haven't started laying yet, feed them with either developer or grower feed. You can then introduce layers' pellets at 20 weeks or when they start laying their first egg...
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    Laws and regulations

    I don't think it is too late to gather more information. You can liaise with any local agricultural office for detailed information about the applicable laws and exemptions. There is a possibility of saving on cost in the long run.
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    Preventing crop loss

    Farmers should be able to implement proper harvest management. The method chosen should be suitable so that there is yield maximization. Knowing the exact time of harvest affects the durability, quality, and storage of harvested crops.
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    The food policy

    The issues that the various food policies are supposed to affect are usually legit. They may include decreasing erosion, limiting the emission of greenhouse gases, and so on. However, I think what lacks is regulation. Should farmers be given incentives to implement conservation programs?
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    Largest crops in the world

    Did you know that Brazil produces 700 million tons of sugar cane? Corn from the United States follows closely at about 300 million tons. On the other hand, most of the world's vegetables, sugar, corn, rice, sugar cane, and wheat originate from China.
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    Natural remedies for heartburn

    Milk does relieve heartburn, but it also comes in different varieties; whole milk with the full amount of fat or milk with no fat. The fat in milk can aggravate acid reflux.
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    Joining a farmers group

    Organizing farmers in groups has many benefits, including being part of other farmers that can spearhead innovation. I have seen researchers and engineers approaching such groups. You should assess the group and see if its structure fits what you want to achieve.