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    Where are my hens?

    Thank you all for the kind words and support. I'm sorry for writing such long messages earlier. I was just so worried, and I knew you guys might have tips that would help. I appreciate all the tidbits you guys shared! RichZ, you must've been right about the last two hiding out. They only...
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    Wild flower beds

    I hope it works out for you, Desi! What a fun thing to offer as a service. You know, you could offer a base service, but you can also offer upgrades that will cost a bit more like a specialty flower bed. Something like, wildflowers that attract pollinators and birds, wildflowers that will...
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    Where are my hens?

    I got them all back! I am so grateful! My last two hens were here this morning. They don't look rough either, but they fussed at me a little. Hettie and Red are two of my oldest hens. They are two of my Rhode Island Reds. I also have Pearl-White Leghorns. The Leghorns probably set the...
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    Where are my hens?

    @Nora, that's what her husband said, but her rationale makes sense. She thought it was customary to collect the eggs you were going to use for the day. Through a text, I told her I was happy to just give them all to her and to help herself. They were free eggs and she didn't feel comfortable...
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    Where are my hens?

    I have 20 hens. I thought they'd be all together, but only 11 have returned so far. They don't look hurt or anything at least. Do you think it's a bad sign though? My neighbors have their lights on for me and all have put their dogs and cats up for the time being. I think if everyone went...
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    Where are my hens?

    I've had an interesting day so far. My neighbor texted me about buying some of my eggs for her dog's food that she makes from scratch. I told her she could have as many as she wanted and to help herself if she needed them now because we weren't at home. She has a key to my house in case of...
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    Trump-supporters stormed Capitol

    You should be able to prove that though. It's not like they didn't take loads of selfies and post them all over the internet as they waved massive weapons and stormed the Capitol. You should be able to point out the Antifa supporters in those images. Use Google reverse image search...
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    Finicky chickens

    Many breeds of chickens don't lay eggs at all this time year and those that do lay less often than usual. Don't worry, when the days start to get warmer and longer in spring, I bet your hens will speed up production again.
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    Trump-supporters stormed Capitol

    Oh no, I just saw an update that the woman didn't make it. That is so awful. I hate this happened. It's just senseless. I hope your son-in-law is okay, Digger!
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    Did you keep last year's resolutions?

    Did anyone manage to keep last year's resolutions? I made a resolution to take a painting class in 2020, and I actually kept it. That's a first for me. I didn't make one for this year though.
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    Father fell

    Oh, I'm so sorry! Does he have livestock or pets too? Maybe a neighbor could keep an eye on things. Gosh, I'm sorry that happened to him. He's probably worried and hurting a bit. I hope it works out for you guys! I'll be thinking about him.
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    How much of a threat are predators to livestock?

    Hey, I noticed it's your first post. Welcome to the forum! To answer your question, it really depends on the livestock itself and where you live. For instance, chickens have more predators than pigs. And the young always have more predators than the adults. I've never seen a wolf, except on...
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    Neighbor kid allergic to strawberries

    @jjp8182, could you imagine having the guts to ask your neighbor to redo their landscaping because JJP Jr. has an allergy? How entitled! I would die of embarrassment.
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    New Year's Eve food!

    I ordered restaurant food, but I brought it home for us to eat. We're still desperately trying to avoid catching the virus. I miss eating out so much though!
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    Money well spent

    That's hilarious, Henderson. I like it! I'm glad your new vacuum cleaner worked out. I splurged on a new chicken coop recently, and it was definitely money well spent. There's been no feather pulling or squabbles since the ladies got an upgrade. They had plenty of room to roam during the...