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  1. Eat healthy! Need ideas

    Definitely salads! I do get sick of them though. Egg salad sandwiches are also healthy. How about fruits and vegetables with dips. There are a lot of options.
  2. Trying Not to Go Stir-Crazy!

    We plan our fields. We start seeds inside too. My wife sews clothes and makes crafts. I help with cutting out, sanding, and putting together the wood crafts. We try to do date nights too!
  3. Shrimp

    We make a shrimp and vegetable sheet pan dish. Add fresh garlic, sprinkle with olive oil, and some Italian spices and bake. It's delicious and super healthy!
  4. Selling flowers

    Farmer's markets sound like a great idea. I just built her a stand. I thought she wants to start small, so she is going to set up at a family members in town.
  5. Selling flowers

    My wife has beautiful flower beds full of flowers. She wants to start selling fresh cut bouquets by the roadside. Anyone do this? Any tips for her?
  6. Buying from auction

    Anyone bought there plants from an auction? I'm thinking about going to one in about a month. Have you had good luck with auction plants?
  7. What to do with all this ham!

    We ended up making scalloped potatoes and ham. I froze a bunch of it and have been using it for sandwiches! It's been delicious! I have never made ham and bean soup.
  8. Eat healthy! Need ideas

    How about wraps? We are having grilled chicken wraps tomorrow for lunch. We made the chicken today (slow cooker),will rip it apart and add hot sauce. Toss it, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and blue cheese in a wrap. Yum and healthy!
  9. What to do with all this ham!

    We baked a 23 pound ham on Christmas. Man oh man, we have a lot left. What's everyone's favorite way to use up leftover ham (besides sandwiches)?
  10. Urban homesteaders check local ordinances first

    Interesting. I live in the country so I have no issues. Do you live in a big city? I guess I could see where the neighbors wouldn't want to hear the roosters!
  11. Bush versus pole beans

    This year I'm going to plant pole green beans. I've heard they take up less room. They are also easier to pick. I hate bending over the bushes of beans to pick them, it's a back breaker. Anyone try pole beans?
  12. Gardening and soil

    I had this problem once. I think it's called blight or blithe? Try turning your soil, it should help. Also don't water during the hottest part of the day. I do like the idea of using buckets though. I'm going to look into that.
  13. Recipes Cutting carbs from Thanksgiving dishes

    Very interesting! I know that so many people are on that "keto" diet. I say eat what you want over the holidays. What did you do for low carb pies?
  14. Recipes Ham Ball Recipe?

    Is this like a meatball or like cold ham loaf? I'm interested now. Sorry, I don't have a recipe for you. I do love ham so I bet I would love this.
  15. Potato Shortage

    I didn't hear anything about a potato shortage. We grew our own this past year. We froze several into fries. I really hope that there isn't a shortage around here.
  16. Extreme Weather

    We are getting extreme cold weather here too, with lots of snow! I make sure to put the cows in the barn during the storms. So far, so good.
  17. Recipes Brocolli cheese soup help

    I used mild and sharp cheddar. I cubed it (was a block of cheese). I'm thinking maybe I should have shredded it. I used heavy cream and chicken stock. I tried to follow a low-carb recipe. It really was a disaster!
  18. Tractors Any tractors you can still work on?

    I own many Farmall H tractors. I can fix them all. I don't try to work on my newer International ones. I think you're right, tractors are like vehicles now. You've got to go to the dealership to work on your car now too. Technology!
  19. Recipes Brocolli cheese soup help

    So I told my wife I'd make this soup. It turned out as a flop! The cheese wouldn't melt, it literally clumped! Anyone have a tried and true recipe and hints on how to melt cheese!