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  1. Eat healthy! Need ideas

    So my husband's doctor told us he needs to eat healthier and drop some weight. Easier said than done. I'm looking for lunch ideas that are quick and healthy. Looking for both cold and warm options.
  2. Shrimp

    I've been on this shrimp kick lately. I buy it and eat it cold with just cocktail sauce. Who else loves shrimp and what do you do with it?
  3. Whose watching?

    Anyone watching the Super Bowl? What do you think so far? I'm a Steelers fan, so I just want to see a great game! So far, it's been pretty good!
  4. Age for kids to drive small tractor

    What are your thoughts on your kids driving small machinery to help out? My ten year old has been bugging me to drive the smaller farm tractor (Farmall H). I don't see a problem with it but my workers do. I would of course be right there and teach him.
  5. Instapot

    Anyone have one? We've had a crockpot for years and I use it often. I'm thinking about getting an Instapot. What are your thoughts on them? Do you have any recipes you love?
  6. Chicken wing dip

    One of my favorite snacks, but I've never actually made it. Do you use ranch or blue cheese dressing? If you use blue cheese dressing do you still add blue cheese crumbles? Do you bake or use a crockpot? Care to share you recipe.
  7. Football food

    With this being Wildcard Weekend, what's your go to football food? Today we made homemade pizza subs and taco dip. Tomorrow we go to a friend's house to watch the game. Unsure what we will take, ideas?
  8. Gardening and soil

    Last year my tomatoes died early. They got black spots on them and never ripened up. I was told to change the soil in my small garden. I thought about planting tomato plants in buckets with new soil but also use the same soil in the garden for other plants. Any thoughts?
  9. Feeding pigs

    We are new to pig farming, always been a crop farm. We have not bought any piglets yet, have to do research first. How often (how many times a day) and what do you feed piglets?
  10. Favorite side dish for Christmas

    We were invited to a friend Christmas potluck dinner. I'm looking for a new recipe to try. What's your favorite side? Thanks in advance!