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  1. Kyle M

    The Commodities Market

    Just curious, but does anyone here trade on the commodities market? If I knew how to make heads or tails out of what it all says I'd look it up myself. The Coronavirus has negatively effected other markets, I was wondering how ours is doing.
  2. Kyle M

    Want To Move To St. Johns Newfoundland?

    I hear this is the perfect time of year. Just kidding And on top of that, some reports said that sustained winds got up to 74mph with gusts up to 100. That is just crazy weather. What is the worst storm you've ever been though?
  3. Kyle M

    Subsidies And Stock Market Performance

    Does anyone think there is a correlation between the commodities, like corn for example, that receive subsidies and how well they do on the Chicago Mercantile?
  4. Kyle M

    Training The Vines

    There is a local businessman who operates a vineyard not far from where I live, and I noticed something last week. Something clicked. People "train" the vines in the offseason the way they train tomato plants. I don't know if the two crops are that different in terms of how hard it is to grow...
  5. Kyle M


    Wouldn't it be nice if governments butt out of personal farming operations so it would be easier for the common farmer to put up turbines? Because Of Bats? Why is it that when technologies make the most sense for the common man they are quick to be shut down by government?
  6. Kyle M

    Cattle Per Acre

    Does anyone know the ratio of cattle per acre for grazing purposes? I know there has to be one for land management purposes at least, but I forgot what it was.
  7. Kyle M

    Cyber Monday

    There is still time, so has anyone found any good cyber deals today? Non-mechanical is usually what I go for if I'm ordering online and this year it's torx bits. Almost everyone is having something on sale today. '
  8. Kyle M

    Tractors Driver-less Tractors

    It was bound to happen. John Deere is leading the way and quarterly business reports focusing on this part of the farming industry are not far behind. What are your thoughts on this?