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  1. What can I easily recycle on my farm?

    Great question! I donate the feed bags to the local 4H. I'm not sure what they do with them. The other items you mentioned, we just toss. I'd be interested to know what others are doing.
  2. Eat healthy! Need ideas

    So my husband's doctor told us he needs to eat healthier and drop some weight. Easier said than done. I'm looking for lunch ideas that are quick and healthy. Looking for both cold and warm options.
  3. TractorHouse

    That's pretty cool, I just checked it out. First time I had heard about it. I'm not in the market right now but I know my first step when I am. I do have a friend who is trying to sell one.
  4. Shrimp

    I've been on this shrimp kick lately. I buy it and eat it cold with just cocktail sauce. Who else loves shrimp and what do you do with it?
  5. Field corn versus table corn

    I use the field corn to feed the cows. We wait until it gets really dry and then mulch it up for feed. Field corn is tough and has very little flavor. I wouldn't eat it.
  6. How To Turn A Tire Inside Out

    Why would you want to turn a tire inside out? I've popped tires off the rims. I used a hammer and a crow bar. I have never turned one inside out.
  7. Secretary Perdue Statement on President Trump’s Budget Proposal

    Interesting read. I can't say that I agree with all of our Presidents choices, I do like a lot of them. I'm glad to see Snap is getting looked at. I think the infrastructure grants are something to look into as well.
  8. Can You Drive A Farm Truck Without A License

    If you're driving it on the road, yes. If you're just driving it in the field, I would think not. For insurance purposes I think you would want to be licensed so you have no issues in case of an accident.
  9. Do you have flood insurance?

    It's mandatory where I live. I'm in a flood zone area so it's mandatory. We haven't had any problems yet (knock on wood). Our insurance is pretty high because of it.
  10. Are Snap On Tools Worth The Money

    We have many Snap On tools. We also have a lot of Craftsman tools too. Problem with Craftsman is that Sears went out of business in my area. Lowe's is now selling the brand though.
  11. How Long Does It Take To Cut Grass

    It depends on many things. Is the yard level, hilly? Do you have to mow around a lot of things that will slow you down? Is the mower a zero turn?
  12. Whose watching?

    Anyone watching the Super Bowl? What do you think so far? I'm a Steelers fan, so I just want to see a great game! So far, it's been pretty good!
  13. Best apps for looking up calories?

    I'm glad I read this one. I've been trying to eat healthier too. I am going to look at those apps too. I also need to find an app to track exercise too.
  14. Test Your Water Periodically

    We have our water tested every year. We use a water softener in the house. It's important to get the water tested to be sure we are using the right salt, etc. for our water issues.
  15. How To Start A Four Wheeler

    How old is the four-wheeler? Have you given it a tune up and the annual maintenance? I've owned many and haven't had a problem with them starting. Do you think it's the gas?
  16. Age for kids to drive small tractor

    I am pretty excited that he is showing an interest but I think he is showing an interest of vehicles! I'll definitely listen to my workers though.
  17. How to conserve water

    We have a pond on our property. It was here when I was a kid. I'm not sure how long it's been here. It has been dry a few times. I don't use the pond water to water anything though.
  18. A Question About A Well

    So it's not working right now? Does the well house have a pump? Is it running? How old does it look? You might have to call a plumber to get some advice.
  19. Age for kids to drive small tractor

    What are your thoughts on your kids driving small machinery to help out? My ten year old has been bugging me to drive the smaller farm tractor (Farmall H). I don't see a problem with it but my workers do. I would of course be right there and teach him.
  20. Pole barn, brick or what?

    We built a block shop too. It's halfway up and then we used boards to frame the rest. We put on a tin roof! It's great!