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  1. Natural pesticide

    Yes, this is what I think too. Stink bugs are horrible. I don't know exactly, but chemicals are bad for you and for your enviroment too. If I'm not mistaken nearly all the grocery stores of my country try to sell products made with them and the differences can be seen by far. Even the flavour...
  2. Natural pesticide

    Don't worry, I've already solved. I found some recipes to try. Anyway, you never know... I don't know exactly whether this can be defined as a lot of land or not, anyway we are talking about a land whose length is 60 meters and width is 30 meters, more or less. I don't have specific pests to...
  3. Natural pesticide

    This is a speech already held in a thread, I also took part at it, but now I don't manage to find it. The question is simple, how to make natural pesticide that can help me and my family in our plot of land. I have read a recipe for a natural pesticide whose ingredients were olive oil...
  4. Favorite Gardening Tool?

    I don't have a favourite tool to tell the truth. I have a hoe, and I used it when I helped my grandparents. When I was a child I could help them, I wasn't busy at all, but now growed up, I'm too busy every day and I lost the possibility to actively follow my hobby. Anyway, I must say that I...
  5. Cucumbers

    Of course, if he/she is planning to do it everything change, you know, I'm not used to do it since this isn't my job and I do it as a hobby. In other words, I like to grow food by myself. They're ok, I must say that my cucumbers are doing well. Being in the North hemisphere we are very close to...
  6. Problems With Deer

    Talking about shooting them, this isn't a good solution in my opinion...
  7. Problems With Deer

    I've had the same problem with horses. There is a guy in our neighbourhood with zero respect for us with some horses badly fed.His horses wanted to be fed and without anything to eat came to our land in order to eat something. We tried to make him understand the problem but he didn't do...
  8. Cucumbers

    Maybe I will not be helpful but I have been planting cucumbers without make distinctions among different species (maybe I only use one type of them).
  9. Best Performing Garden Plant

    Are you serious? I really can't believe that there are in existence some crops of this kind!
  10. Best Performing Garden Plant

    For me is without doubts bean. I like planting it and then eating beans during the cold seasons. I'm attracted by the flavour. Same! Even though we don't plant a lot of potatoes...
  11. In 1 word describe your weekend?

    Very beautiful topic! Anyways, I don't know whether I can describe it using the word "strenuous" or "funny" cause I felt joy staying in my countryside but I worked a lot.
  12. Tiny egg

    First of all, I want to excuse with you all for the time of absence, I had some problems... Anyway, I have good news: I talked with my gramparents about it. I asked them about the tiny egg and they told me exactly what I told you in this forum. Then I asked them for the possibility of this egg...
  13. Tiny egg

    t's odd, truly odd. Of course, maybe it isn't as I thought... Now i don't remember the last time I saw something of this kind, but I remember the egg was complete. This is surely something different.
  14. Tiny egg

    chicken coop, to be more precise.
  15. Tiny egg

    I may know the correct answer! Chickens aren't like us, they are birds, for this reason they are in many aspect difficult to understand. My grandfather tells me the chickens make eggs in cicle. When they finish one cicle of eggs, there is a period of time where they are inactive, but this is...
  16. What's for supper?

    By the way, is pork meat considered to be white meat? (even if I don't think...)
  17. Learning From The Past

    If I have learned something, I have learned that farming is something you have to do with passion. As everything, if you do it with passion it will be the best thing you have ever done. I also have learned to see the beautifulness in nature.
  18. Growing corn

    I'm too the typical person who dislikes the use of chemicals, if I have to grow my plants to eat by myself (and mine is a self-production) I don't want to eat the chemicals I can find without problems in all the food I buy... Anyways, talking about something important I want to say that at the...
  19. What's for supper?

    what a beautiful dish! I haven't been eating it for a year by now, maybe I have to do it again... I usually eat some eggs with "soppressata" (I don't know how to say it in english),it's like sausage, but bigger. I want to keep myself slight for night. By the way, my favourite plate is pizza...
  20. Pigs keep escaping

    Yes, I meant it... I didn't know wheather this worked or not, but fortunately you don't have the need to do it. Anyways, I wouldn't have been able to explain better than you. As I said before, this is the most important solution when can have in this case!