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  1. ChickensAndCows

    How to Get Kids Interested in Gardening

    I'm trying to get my family interested in gardening. I have a pretty big garden and I would like some help with it. So far, my kids haven't show much interest. I'd like that to change! :)
  2. ChickensAndCows

    Problems With Deer

    There's a herd of deer who think that my garden and my apple trees are their personal salad bar. I want to discourage them from eating my plants, but I also want to do it humanely. I don't want to shoot them! I'm also concerned about the deer dropping ticks in my yard. Any ideas would be so helpful!
  3. ChickensAndCows

    Invasive Plants

    Do you struggle with invasive plant species on your farm? If so, how do you deal with them? I'm dealing with garlic mustard. Thankfully, we don't raise crops (just a garden) but even so, garlic mustard is a huge pain! I can't imagine dealing with it on a commercial scale.