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  1. Ecohugger

    When choosing a fertilizer

    I've thought that deciding on what kind of fertilizer to use would be simple, but there are many factors to consider. You can choose to buy a complete or incomplete fertilizer depending on the content of the soil. Then you'll also have to think if you'll need a general or a special fertilizer...
  2. Ecohugger

    Air fryer

    I mostly use our air fryer when I'm short on time and running. I've used it to cook chicken, beef, and potatoes while trying different spices on it. I particularly like how it minimizes oil use and is easy to handle.
  3. Ecohugger

    Growing crops at home

    It's advisable to put one to three seedlings of the same type of crop in a single pot to assure their growth. Although, I'm not sure how it would work for different kinds of seeds. Just make sure to avoid overcrowding the pot and consider the size of the seedlings you will mix with the salad greens.
  4. Ecohugger

    Chips for a healthy snack

    I've been trying to live a healthier lifestyle, so I looked into foods that can replace junk foods. I thought finding an alternative would be difficult but thank God for chips. Aside from banana and potato chips, you can also use sweet potatoes, spinach, and even kale! The best part is that it's...
  5. Ecohugger

    So much rain

    The rain can be helpful, but be careful that too much of it might be drowning the plants. There's rain here and there, so it's also helping me save some water.
  6. Ecohugger

    Cucumbers and vinegar

    Cucumbers with vinegar and pepper are also a favorite snack of mine. You can eat a lot of it without feeling guilty since it is mostly water. There were even times when my lips would turn white from sipping too much vinegar!
  7. Ecohugger

    Soil compost for tactile play

    It's good to engage the kids in various activities that will at least minimize their gadget use. Mixing soil compost with them seems to be an ideal way of spending time because it will help them become more curious and engaged with the environment. Have you tried this yet?
  8. Ecohugger

    Setting up online orders

    It's good to start minimally for now and improve later on instead of going all fancy when you're still learning about your customers. Focusing on your product first is better in gaining your buyer's trust than concentrating on advertising. Good luck!
  9. Ecohugger


    Gourds can be grown anywhere on the ground, but if there's still no sign of growth, they may have received insufficient sunlight. Usually, it only takes 5 to 6 months for them to grow. It can thrive without much care, but the quality of the soil still has an important role. Do you think maybe...
  10. Ecohugger

    Artificial lights for rainy season

    I'm worried that my seedlings won't be getting enough sunlight as the rainy season approaches. Even with all the water and compost, plant growth is slower without sufficient light. The amount of light to be used is puzzling because I'm not sure how much exposure is enough. Have you tried...
  11. Ecohugger

    Time for cookouts

    What I love about cookouts is that you can have a balanced meal by merely grilling everything. I love grilling chicken and accompanying it with potatoes and zucchini. Just with that, you have your protein, fiber, and carbohydrates!
  12. Ecohugger


    Rosemary! Although you may find it therapeutic, slugs detest its fragrance for some reason. This plant is simple to use since all you have to do is mix it with water, and have it as a spray.
  13. Ecohugger


    It may be natural to have slugs here and there since they are attracted to moist places. You can use some plants that are natural slug repellent because of their scent. If that's not enough, maybe try building a barrier around your plants to keep them away.
  14. Ecohugger

    The Olympics

    I'll watch whatever there is because I'm sure there'll be multiple live broadcasts online, especially if spectators will not be allowed. The pandemic is emotionally draining but seeing the athletes do their best somehow cheers me up.
  15. Ecohugger

    Your season so far?

    The increasing temperature and sudden heat waves make me curious about how crop production in different countries will be affected. It's a scary thought that it's a possible factor that can cause a food shortage.
  16. Ecohugger

    Regulating the Uses of Citrus

    Citrus seems to be an ideal pesticide, but it can also serve as a good compost and fertilizer. It can repel insects and offers various nutrients to the plants that it's almost like the whole package. If you apply it in different ways, won't it be harmful then? It's still an acid, after all...
  17. Ecohugger

    Farm Pond vs Well

    If you apply the right amount of depth when creating the farm pond, you can maximize this one-way investment benefit. For maintenance, you should prevent fertilizer runoff from entering the pond since it can cause weed growth.
  18. Ecohugger

    Capitalizing on Beef Fear

    Rather than banning things to eat, I hope they pay attention to efficiently regulating the production and management of animal or even crop products. Even going vegan can harm the environment if methods to manage the farms weren't sustainable.
  19. Ecohugger

    Your season so far?

    Jokes aside, you might be right that plants are growing slower these days. The temperature has been higher compared to previous years, that it's not surprising crops are being affected.
  20. Ecohugger

    Rainwater Harvesting & its importance

    Rainwater harvesting can be helpful for long-term purposes, especially with the pollution and shortage going on. However, someone who would integrate this into their homes would no doubt need some planning. Its disadvantages pose some danger in case poor installation of the system enables...