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  1. Smarty Plants

    Where are my hens?

    I've had an interesting day so far. My neighbor texted me about buying some of my eggs for her dog's food that she makes from scratch. I told her she could have as many as she wanted and to help herself if she needed them now because we weren't at home. She has a key to my house in case of...
  2. Smarty Plants

    Did you keep last year's resolutions?

    Did anyone manage to keep last year's resolutions? I made a resolution to take a painting class in 2020, and I actually kept it. That's a first for me. I didn't make one for this year though.
  3. Smarty Plants

    Your signature dish?

    Do you have a signature dish or drink that you like to make? It doesn't have to be fancy. I just mean a dish or drink that you're well-known for among your circle of friends. I don't have a signature dish, but my signature drink is hot chocolate. I make it from scratch. Sometimes I had...
  4. Smarty Plants

    Forced blooms for pots and bouquets

    Which plants do you manipulate into blooming this time of year? Forsythia is one my favorites. The flowers are a brilliant yellow, and it's one of the easiest plants to manipulate into blooming.
  5. Smarty Plants

    Uptick in charitable requests

    What's the industry standard when it comes to fulfilling charitable requests? I usually donate some wreaths and other Christmas plants to the local schools each year, which they use for decoration and for their school play. However, this year I'm swimming in requests from churches and...
  6. Smarty Plants

    Remedies when skunked?

    Last year, my poor Maine Coon got skunked while he was in his protected catio. He must've startled the skunk because it sprayed him good. We had no idea what to do other than to shave him and give him a bath. The shaving really helped, but In the end, he basically had to wear the smell off...
  7. Smarty Plants


    Is it time intensive or prohibitively expensive to start? I've heard bits and pieces about the practice of aquaponics on television, but I don't know anyone who raises their fish and vegetables that way. I figured something must hold growers back. Do any of you guys use an aquaponic system?
  8. Smarty Plants

    Are chickens the gateway livestock?

    I've noticed that many members here have chickens. In my community, if people raise anything they're most likely to raise chickens. Do you see chickens as the gateway livestock? Did you start with chickens?
  9. Smarty Plants

    Tips to avoid violating a plant's legal and financial protections

    As much as I hate it, the reality is that plants can be trademarked, branded, and patented which prevents the rest of us from propagating that plant without permission. It also forces us to sell plants a certain way by ensuring they are properly marked and distributed as required. Do you have...
  10. Smarty Plants

    What can't you grow?

    Almost every gardener, farmer, and homesteader has one or two crops that they just can't grow, not matter what they try. For me it's eggplant. I've tried different cultivars but I've yet to produce a single fruit. I buy a packet of seeds every year, because I just know that this is the year...
  11. Smarty Plants

    Resource for asparagus crowns

    I'm looking for a reliable and affordable resource to obtain asparagus crowns. Please let me know where you buy yours. I purchased some last year, but the company has gone out of business.
  12. Smarty Plants

    Machine finder

    I've been using the website to find certified pre-owned John Deere equipment. I've found some great deals on tractors and sprayers. Some of them even come with a warranty. Has anyone here purchased machinery through that website? I'd like to hear how the experience went...
  13. Smarty Plants

    How to make orchid bloom

    I'm embarrassed to ask this question, because I grow and sell houseplants as part of my business. However, I've never bothered with orchids as I think they're too fussy. My aunt died a few months back and I inherited her orchid collection since I'm "so good with plants." Things have been...
  14. Smarty Plants

    Your #1 profitable crop

    What is the number one profitable crop you have growing on your farm? If you aren't a seller, what is the number crop you have growing that most benefits your family? My most profitable crop has been bamboo lately.
  15. Smarty Plants

    Are smart gardens considered part of precision farming?

    I'm new to the world of precision farming and I find it endlessly fascinating. I went to the feed store to pick up a new rake and a woman was giving a demonstration on smart gardening products. The selling point was that you could grow small veggies and herbs year round in your home. She kept...
  16. Smarty Plants

    Recipes Share your go-to budget meal ideas

    What are some of the best meals to make when you're trying to save a little money? I make one vegetarian meal a week because it cuts down on our food costs and vegetables are healthier than meat. One of my go-to budget meals is ramen noodles with sautéed veggies. It helps reduce the amount of...
  17. Smarty Plants

    Keeping chickens warm

    We often have bitterly cold temperatures around here during winter. How do you guys keep your chickens warm and healthy during the winter months? This is my first year with a flock of chickens, so I could use some tips.