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  1. ARC55

    Green powered aerator

    I'm looking for a green powered (solar or wind) aerator for my medium-sized pond. Do you have any recommendations? I've found some incredibly cheap ones at Walmart, but then I wonder whether they'll stop working within a short period of use.
  2. ARC55

    Planting after pig rotation

    I've rotated my pig pen and naturally the ground is pretty sparse. I'm afraid to passively wait for the vegetation to recover since a heavy rain or two might send their waste into the pond. I also don't want the area covered in weeds that won't benefit the pigs nutritionally when they...
  3. ARC55

    Certified Naturally Grown

    The CNG certification seems to be an alternative to applying for the USDA Organic certification. As we all know, the USDA certification can cost thousands of dollars depending on the size of your operation. That prices many of us out. The CNG certification is only about $200 which will appeal...
  4. ARC55

    Best value for family meat?

    I'm hoping that some of you experts can help me out. Raising the pigs went well enough. However, I've run every calculation I can think of, and we're pretty much going to lose money every time we do it and that's even after processing the pigs at home by ourselves. The meat does taste better...
  5. ARC55

    Livestock calculator

    I raise pigs, but I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for, so I'm open to using another livestock calculator if I can adapt it. I'd like to find a tool/app/calculator/software/anything that will let me plug in the numbers to create the optimal set up. Like if you have 9 pigs you need...
  6. ARC55

    Best for getting to fields

    Which vehicle type is the best for getting out in the fields without tearing up the land? It's been pretty damp here these past few days since we finally got some rain. My truck is doing a number on the ground.
  7. ARC55

    Butchering Durocs

    I had a butcher set up to take my pigs, but he's not taking small orders anymore because the pandemic set him back. I guess my wife and I are going to do it ourselves. My plan is to shoot them, butcher them, freeze the meat, then...what do I do with the carcasses? I intend to use every bit of...
  8. ARC55

    No bees. You?

    I wouldn't say that I'm worried just yet, since it'll be another few weeks before I have anything mature enough to pollinate. Still, it's odd that I haven't seen any bees. There's been a cold spell, so maybe that's why? How is the pollinator population doing in your fields so far?
  9. ARC55

    Pigs keep escaping

    This is my first time raising livestock, but I applied a lot of the advice that I got here when I asked about fencing. Unfortunately, my Durocs keep getting out. I'm surprised that they can dig as well as they can considering their hoofs, but my Durocs keep going until they've rooted below the...
  10. ARC55


    I keep seeing the acronym being bantered around in discussions about digital currency and digital works. What is this all about? Is it an investment vehicle? I tried googling, but the information went over my head.
  11. ARC55

    What comes first?

    The chicken or the egg? Nah. I want to know whether you started with crops, with livestock, or with both at the same time, when you first started farming?
  12. ARC55

    Applying for specialty crop grant in 2021

    Has anyone ever applied for one of the specialty block grants from the USDA? I'm just wondering how hard it is to get accepted. The application process won't start again until next year, but I'd like to be prepared as much as possible before then.
  13. ARC55

    Landrace gardening

    We've just started our journey towards back to nature living as a family, so I'm into the blogs and articles about the lifestyle. I grew up on a farm that raised crops, but my parents were friendly with the pesticides and herbicides that I'm hoping to avoid. Anyway, have you guys ever heard of...
  14. ARC55

    Does homesteading = off-grid living?

    I'm just curious about whether the two descriptors are interchangeable. It seems like most of the blogs I run across with a homesteading theme, happen to have families that live in a remote location. So are they the same thing?
  15. ARC55

    Hog fencing options

    If you haven't read my other threads I'm planning to get some Duroc or Red Wattle pigs soon. I know that pigs like to escape, so I want to set up a good system. Is hog wire the way to go? It sure seems expensive. If I use that type of fencing will I still need to make it into an electric fence?
  16. ARC55

    Is hemp outpacing tobacco?

    Growers, do you believe that the demand for hemp outpaced the demand for tobacco this year? Will hemp be the better option to plant in 2021?
  17. ARC55

    Forage for pigs

    I'm planning to raise either Duroc or Red Wattle pigs next spring. I'd like to save on their food costs as much as possible. What should I plant to help sustain them?
  18. ARC55

    Do pigs always destroy land?

    I'm interested in raising either Duroc or Red Wattle pigs. While looking up information about raising pigs, I've noticed that the images are somewhat bleak. The pigs are always in a desolate pen with a few patches of grass and lots of mud. It looks like a wasteland. Is that just how it is...
  19. ARC55

    Warm spell, new growth on winter savory

    We've had a warm spell here recently and my winter savory started putting out new growth instead of staying dormant. The warm spell is now over, and we're due for a hard freeze over the next few days, will this end up killing my plant since there's new growth showing? Do I need to dig it up...
  20. ARC55

    Duroc versus Red Wattle pig breed

    We've decided to add some pigs to our small farm. After doing some research, we've narrowed it down to the Duroc and the Red Wattle. The pigs will be used for meat for the family, and if it goes well, we might start breeding and selling them down the road. Which breed do you think is best for...