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  1. Cub Cadet Won T Start

    Seems this is a forum of no response from OP in many cases.....
  2. International 4300 Dt466 Wont Start

    Sure could be. If its leaking fuel it could also let air in and bleed off the fuel
  3. Problems With 6.5 Turbo Diesel

    What??? I think what you listed, and then some......
  4. International 4700 Parking Brake Adjustment

    Did you find a solution to your problem?
  5. Honda Rincon 680 Transmission Slipping

    Hey, how about a response or maybe even an update on the findings?
  6. Honda Rancher Manual Shifting Problems

    Well put it this way, since the electric can fail, they have a tool to shift it in an emergency and the manual shift doesn't need a backup plan cause it just works unless you break it
  7. International 4700 Parking Brake Adjustment

    Is this the in cab lever style with a driveline brake? If it is, you just tighten the wee knobby on the tip of the lever while it's off....
  8. Kohler Engine Loses Power Under Load

    Would maybe help to know what the dealer did try, as it could be a number if things! Fuel filter restricted? Dirt in the carburetor fuel jet? Air intake leak? Or if it's running rich and smoking it's the air filter. Or maybe they were trying to tell you that you gotta slow down!
  9. Where Are Versatile Tractors Made

    Somewhere in Western Canada, maybe Saskatchewan. Looks like decent product and if you're in the USA then you'll have a big dollar advantage on purchase. So it depends what dealer support you have in your area
  10. How To Unseize A Motor

    I know a guy once said for a gas engine if you take out the spark plugs and put in brake fluid and let it soak in there you can sometimes get them freed up. But you already have the head off?
  11. How Many Tons Of Corn Per Acre

    In our area at 20k/ac land prices then if corn yields dont avg between 4 and 5 tons per ac then its disappointing
  12. Honda Pioneer 700 Top Speed

    In our parts they're not even road legal.....but I'm guessing you could get 40 or 45mph out of those
  13. Honda Generator Won T Start

    X2 ^^^^^but it needs oil in the crank as well if it has oil alert but that you would find if you check for spark as you said...
  14. Chevy Truck Stuck In 4 Wheel Low

    I take it you are familiar with the proper shift procedure? Needs to be in neutral and it's best if its rolling slowly to make those shifts
  15. Honda Rancher 420 Electric Shift Problems

    Did you check the fuses? Is it stuck in a particular gear or in neutral?
  16. 3 Point Hitch Stuck In Up Position

    Yup^^^^^ I'd be guessing it's how the draft/position controls are set. Some electronic systems need to have the system activated via the controls before it functions as well.
  17. Tractor Not Starting

    Not if there's a bad connection at the battery.
  18. Can I Backfeed Through A 110V Receptacle

    I see what your saying, but the generator also would have a 15amp breaker, correct?
  19. Updating Your Computer System

    I certainly wouldn't be happy with a Toyota if they always need plugging in!
  20. 7.3 Powerstroke Low Oil Pressure

    Is this low oil pressure according to the gauge? Could be a problem with the oil pressure sending unit. I suppose you checked the dipstick for the quantity and quality of the oil.......