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  1. Gordyg


    Which plants repel slugs? We have them too and I would love to deter them! We have them on some of our vines already (they like the greens).
  2. Gordyg

    Natural pesticide

    Stink bugs are everywhere! We have a horrible problem with them. We also have a lot of annoying beetles! I am always up for trying new natural treatments. So far I have not found any that work.
  3. Gordyg

    Milk or Beef?

    Great question! I'm a grape farmer but I too wondered about this. If I was going to be a cattle farmer, I would raise beef. I wonder which one gives the most profit.
  4. Gordyg

    The Olympics

    I love the Olympics! I watch as much as I can (when time allows). I'm not a big fan of basketball though. I have boycotted the NBA and I'm pretty sure that most players are professional.
  5. Gordyg

    So hot, flowers are screaming

    It has been so hot and humid for the past few days. Our flowers are screaming! The new vines (grape) aren't enjoying it either. We need rain!
  6. Gordyg

    AC woes

    My body must be getting used to it because we have the air on and I'm not cramping like I was. It was a whopping humid 92 out today.
  7. Gordyg

    Summer favorites

    Yum to pickles! We make them too. We make dill and sweet. @Katie do you also pickle other vegetables? We pickle peppers and onions and also zucchini and summer squash.
  8. Gordyg

    AC woes

    We've got the central air on in the house. It's been in the low 90s and so humid. I swear it's killing my bones! Every time I sit inside (after chores),my muscles and body ache. I don't know which is worse, the AC aches or sweating to death!
  9. Gordyg

    Raccoon getting flowers

    We have caught him on camera a few nights, but he hasn't dug any more flowers since we moved the feeders. I bet he just smelled the suet and was looking for more! Lesson learned!
  10. Gordyg

    Communal garden help

    We did check with our lawyer. We still are doing this, it's going great so far. We do have insurance in case someone gets hurt. We did have our lawyer draft up a paper for everyone to sign prior to helping or planting.
  11. Gordyg

    Your season so far?

    It's still way too early to tell for my grapes. The new ones are coming along just fine (vines). Our community garden is looking nice so far.
  12. Gordyg

    Any new loans?

    I've got a close friend that is trying to buy a house turned into a restaurant. He can't seem to land the funding. He has great credit but the banks are saying they aren't giving loans for new business. Anyone else having issues?
  13. Gordyg

    First year for Orioles

    I love birds! We have orioles too, they are beautiful. We also have cardinals and blue jays. Now that is a picture perfect sight when the three are there together.
  14. Gordyg

    Raccoon getting flowers

    Yes, we had a bird feeder over the top of one of the beds. It has been moved now. I'm sure the raccoon smelled it and he demolished the flowers. He dug so much that the stones that were on the bottom for drainage were on the top.
  15. Gordyg

    Renting land

    That is great Camoo. It sounds like you are helping him by keeping his land futile. Maybe at some point he will sell it to you. I bought some fields that were overgrown and not taken care of. They are coming together beautifully.
  16. Gordyg

    Raccoon getting flowers

    We have had a pesky racoon causing a mess in our flower beds. He literally is digging all the flowers out and throwing the topsoil on the ground. It has happened the last two nights. This is the first year we have had this problem. Any tips on how to get him to stop?
  17. Gordyg

    Best weed whacker

    I bought a battery powered one last year. It's a Black and Decker. The battery holds up pretty good, I bought an extra battery. I bought it at Lowe's.
  18. Gordyg

    Invasive Plants

    Interesting, garlic mustard. I think I would like that. We have some crazy flowering vine growing in our flower beds. I pull it out every year but it keeps coming back.
  19. Gordyg

    RIP to My Tundra

    Miss Sally sounds pretty impressive for sure. You certainly got your money (and then some) out of her. Honestly I haven't ever had a vehicle for even near that long. I usually trade or retire them before they hit 200,000 miles.
  20. Gordyg

    Another not so local winery

    I don't mind that they want to be involved. To me it shows they are interested and committed to our business relationship. If the field was already planted, they wouldn't have a say. I'm excited for the new business.