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  1. Ritar

    Hot air balloons

    Has anyone ever gone for a ride in a hot air balloon? It was our annual balloon festival in our town this weekend. We always "house" a "balloonist" and their family. In return, we go for a ride. I love it!
  2. Ritar

    No new trucks!

    We leased our last truck (wanted to see if it would do the trick for hauling some of our bigger trailers). Our lease is up, the truck lots are basically bare! In hindsight, leasing was a horrible decision! It was before the pandemic! Prices for new vehicles now are sky high! Anyone else seeing...
  3. Ritar


    We have been hit really hard over the last few days. We are in a state of emergency due to flooding. Our neighbors were hit a lot harder than us. They had to bring their cattle over to our fields (their fields and barn flooded). What a mess!!
  4. Ritar

    Uptick in cases

    Does anyone here live where the cases are getting crazy again? I'm in NY and it's starting to pick up a bit but nothing like Florida. I believe they are saying it's the Delta variant. I hope everyone is staying safe.
  5. Ritar


    This is a horrible year for slugs and my flowers and vegetable gardens. They are all over the leaves and they are nasty. Anyone else have these? How do I get rid of them?
  6. Ritar

    Sunburn and dry blotches

    We spent a lot of time out in the sun over the past weekend. My face (forehead and chin) got pretty sunburned. It's now got several blotches of skin (raised) that is super itchy. Any idea how to take care of this?
  7. Ritar

    Summer favorites

    I love cooking (not so much baking). My family loves sweets and have been asking me to make new things. What is your favorite summer treat? Care to share a recipe.