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  1. Almost Eden

    Answer Neg Reviews?

    Do you guys read your online reviews? Do you ever respond to the negative reviews? I just had a customer leave me a scathing review because the shop was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic at a time when she needed flowers for her mother's memorial service. I want to be sensitive because I...
  2. Almost Eden

    Most versatile tree crop

    When it comes to raising trees, which type do you believe is the most versatile? I'm leaning towards walnut trees. You can harvest the walnuts for years and once the tree is spent, you can harvest the wood. The shells are also usable. They can be sold for crafting, for cat litter, and for...
  3. Almost Eden


    I'm thinking about adding some peacocks to the shop for added interest. I'm not interested in peahens. The peacocks would essentially live as pets. The shop sees a lot of people during the busy seasons. Is there a particular breed of peacock that does better with people than others? Is it...
  4. Almost Eden

    Cooking Substitutions

    I forgot my shopping list when I went to the store yesterday, so of course, I failed to buy some stuff we needed like cornmeal and brown sugar. What can I use in the place of those two ingredients? I don't want to brave the store again.
  5. Almost Eden

    Free-ranging and Egg Collection

    I wait until 11:00 am to turn my chickens out and most of the girls have all laid by then. The ones who don't lay early in the morning typically do a good job about coming back to their nesting box to do their laying. I consider myself lucky, because when I was growing up we had hens that would...
  6. Almost Eden

    Go-to flowers to deter pests

    Flowers not only draw pollinators to the yard, but some of them also deter pests. French marigolds are great for warding off destructive nematodes and whiteflies. Chrysanthemums actually contain their own insecticide (pyrethrin),so they're great for repelling fleas, ticks, flies, and other...
  7. Almost Eden


    Is anyone else struggling right now to handle homeschooling along with all the other work that running a business and farm entails? We normally send our kids to public school, and let me tell you, I'm not cut out to be a teacher. I admire the people who homeschool and run their business and...
  8. Almost Eden

    Rooster Bachelor Pads

    I always thought that no two male roosters could live together because they'd fight to the death. Apparently that must be a myth because I was talking to my mother's health aide (from an appropriate distance of 6 feet mind you) and she takes in unwanted roosters. She has about eight roosters...
  9. Almost Eden

    Beginners Beware

    Which types of livestock or fowl do you think are best avoided by green beginners? I know some people will disagree with me, but I think pigs are a tough animal to start with. They are excellent escape artists, they are stubborn, and they quickly turn any pasture into mud if they aren't...
  10. Almost Eden

    Edible Landscaping Options

    I'm looking to incorporate some edible landscaping around my home and business. I have some ideas for spring and summer plants, but I'm not sure which edible plants will look nice in the fall and winter. Any suggestions?
  11. Almost Eden

    Turkey eggs, peafowl eggs, and goose eggs

    I've had eggs from a chicken, naturally, and I've had eggs from a duck. But despite raising geese, peafowl, and turkeys in the past, I never ate their eggs. I'm not sure why other than I just hadn't seen it done. How common is it to eat eggs from those birds? Have you ever tried them?