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  1. Wildlife

    Keeping farm animals cool

    Couple of big moveable farm fans.
  2. Wildlife

    Cost For Bulldozer Work Per Day

    And some owner/operators have moving in charge least of 1 hour.
  3. Wildlife

    Corn Facts

    Interesting...thanks for sharing.
  4. Wildlife

    Funny pictures of cows

    Might be good thing we don't understand what they are saying. ;)
  5. Wildlife

    If A Farmer Gets A Pickup

  6. Wildlife

    Fire Extinguishers for the Farm

    2 down stairs 1 upstairs 1 in shed 1for tractor.
  7. Wildlife

    Downsizing May Be Better

    I got something to share but not going to sour the pot.
  8. Wildlife

    Your weather

    Finally getting some nice late spring weather might get taste summer weather Friday.
  9. Wildlife

    Where's The Beef?

    The should come down little I have feeling half to year before prices back to so what normal...if there is going to be normal.
  10. Wildlife

    How Low Can They Go?

    Lowest it got for us $1.63 gallon now $1.74 gallon but slowly creeping back felt good for while tho.
  11. Wildlife

    Most versatile tree crop

    For our area its apple trees...baking,eating,wildlife.
  12. Wildlife

    Your weather

    Been over week since last snowstorm reach 70's several times for us,should be safe to prep the garden for planting this weekend.
  13. Wildlife

    What Time Is Dinner?

    Mrs. plans around 6pm not unless something comes up like weather or chores.
  14. Wildlife

    Virtual Expo's

    It would be interesting check out.
  15. Wildlife

    How Much Roundup Per Gallon Of Water

    Does info label give advice.
  16. Wildlife

    Do you move your coop?

    Moving the coop couple times year will rejuvenate top soil.
  17. Wildlife

    Protecting Against Thieves

    Have you check wireless game cams or drone?
  18. Wildlife

    Easiest way to remove rust?

    If you can sand blast parts,if not talk to darn good autobody repaire man....maybe youtube has couple ideas.
  19. Wildlife

    Beginner mistakes

    Today there lot more chose from compare back 60+ years ago,one needs to do there home work. Old say..."Parts don't cost that much it's the down time that does"
  20. Wildlife

    Rent land

    Is there also someone renting there land close by to you for better idea. If renter going to grow crops ask if pesticides and fertillizer will be use accordingly,last thing you want to deal with contaminated water.