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  1. Amanda

    Low-cost dessert ideas for fundraiser

    The school is hosting a chili supper to raise money for new gym equipment. I'm hoping you guys can share some low-cost ideas for dessert options. A few hundred people usually turn up to these things. I figured a few platters of cookies might be the best way to go. What do you think?
  2. Amanda

    How To Get The Smell Of Diesel Out Of Clothes Check out that thread from earlier this month and see if some of those tips will work for you. Unfortunately, some folks seem to think it's possible to remove the smell entirely, so I hope they aren't your good clothes.
  3. Amanda

    Do you drink unpasteurized milk from your goats/cows?

    Raw milk and raw water are both popular in my neck of the woods. I don't understand it myself, but some people equate "raw" with "healthier."
  4. Amanda

    Buying Back Family Farm Land

    You walk away from the deal. Seriously, that land really isn't worth paying more for. It'll just bring up old hurts. Go buy land elsewhere for a decent price and make your family proud by turning it into something great. It's the memories that matter anyway and that's something you can...
  5. Amanda

    What's overrated?

    It seems like every year there's some new shiny piece of machinery that comes out that's supposed to be revolutionary. Which machines do you feel like are overrated? I can't remember the exact name, but three years ago I bought a machine that made seed balls. Yes, you can make those with your...
  6. Amanda

    Not your favorite

    I don't enjoy milking the goats. It's not a hardship exactly, we just happen to have one goat that would rather play around than get milked.
  7. Amanda

    Missing chickens

    They were secured though. Birdie said all the hens were put in their coop. Most coops are attached to a run, so even if they got out of the coop, shouldn't they be in the run? I find the whole thing strange. Getting a camera is the only thing I can think to do. I've never had one go missing...
  8. Amanda


    It just isn't enjoyable to me, I guess. I've thought about it and I think it would be great for someone in an urban setting with little land. It isn't that it's time intensive, but there's a lot of tech work that goes with it. That just doesn't do anything for me. I like to be outside...
  9. Amanda

    Help with buttercups....that are sure to grow in my pastures

    One person's useful plant is another person's weed, so I understand where you're coming from Trophyduck. Some people love clover, but it's a hard to kill weed in my neck of the woods. Do you know what type of buttercup you're dealing with by chance? If it's one of the annual varieties...
  10. Amanda

    Afraid of the coronavirus?

    It's all over the news and many people in my circle are talking about it. I honestly don't know that much about it. I made a donation to Doctors Without Borders because I understand the coronavirus is harming people elsewhere, but I'm not too worried about it becoming a serious problem here...
  11. Amanda

    Eat healthy! Need ideas

    Have you looked into the keto diet. It seems pretty popular. The only difficult thing about eating salads, is that I like all the bad stuff that goes in them to make them yummy. I love cheese and ranch dressing especially. Good on him if he can stick with healthier salad options.
  12. Amanda

    Livestock Checkups

    I don't usually do it on a routine basis. We're not breeding livestock or I'd have the vet come out to check them more often.
  13. Amanda

    Did you show livestock as a kid?

    That's a sweet story, Petal to the Metal. I've never competed, but I always love to go the expos and fairs to look at the animals.
  14. Amanda

    Livestock and poultry first-aid kit

    I've begun gathering materials to create a first-aid kit for my barn animals. What do you all keep stocked? So far I have tweezers, antiseptic scrub, gauze, and latex gloves. What else should I add?
  15. Amanda

    Removing a splinter

    Have you already tried packaging tape? It tends to grip things well. Just stick a bit over the splinter and see if it adheres to it. If that doesn't work, add a thin layer of Neosporin and cover with a bandage. See if it works itself out overnight. I hope you're able to get it out soon! I...
  16. Amanda

    Bringing a Barn Cat Into the House

    You could try adding some Feliway diffusers in the areas he'll be in. It mimics their pheromones and it's supposed to be calming. Good on you for noticing your barn cat was in distress and for taking him to the vet!
  17. Amanda

    Greening up the cattle operation

    Instead of focusing on the cattle, maybe it would be more feasible to add alternative sources of power like wind and solar to your ranch. Those changes would benefit the environment and could save you money down the road. It's a big investment to make the transition though. That doesn't...
  18. Amanda

    Guardian Animal?

    Do you have a guardian animal that watches over your herd, warns them of danger, and helps to protect them? How did you choose the best type? I'm quite surprised at the options - llamas and donkeys make the list. I thought it was all about dogs.
  19. Amanda

    Are chickens the gateway livestock?

    I think lots of people start with chickens because they're relatively easy to care for. Plus, some people don't feel comfortable raising livestock for slaughter which makes chickens a good choice since they provide eggs for years before heading to the stew pot. Other than dairy cows, goats...
  20. Amanda

    Egg incubator - to buy or to make?

    Just that really. I have all hens, so I plan to buy some fertilized eggs down at the ag store. I thought about placing the eggs in the nest boxes to see if the girls would hatch them, but that seems too iffy. I reckon I ought to get an egg incubator instead. They seem pricey, which led me to...