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  1. Sam Carter

    Emergency Planning

    If something happens to you and/or your farm, what emergency plans do you have in place? We all need to be prepared for whatever may happen for the sake of our family.
  2. Sam Carter

    Community Or Neighborhood Gardens

    Do you have one in your area? If so, do you participate? If not, I think a good way to start is with with radishes or Stevia as they are low maintenance plants. And Stevia especially is a good thing to share with your neighbors so they can sweeten their mint tea, the leaves grown in the same...
  3. Sam Carter

    Spring Planting

    So have any of you finished your spring gardens yet? We just started ours last week, and I'll go through my charts to see if I want to save any space for any summer plants.
  4. Sam Carter

    Rock Or Grass

    For your house, would you rather have grass landscaping or rock? I have a few neighbors who landscaped with rock and I think it looks lazy.
  5. Sam Carter

    Is Marketing Even Needed?

    If you have a small operation and sell your goods locally, do you even need to market? Online or off, in this situation, do you think word of mouth is sufficient?
  6. Sam Carter

    The Food Chain

    It is only a matter of time I suppose before workers in meat packing plants start getting sick with COVID 19. Has anyone heard about plants making preparations to keep their operations going when this happens? The last thing we need right now is a major disruption in the American food chain.
  7. Sam Carter

    Livestock Auctions Are An Essntial Business

    SInce livestock breeding leads directly to more livestock that is needed to help feed America, the live auctions are deemed essential. Most of them are outdoors so it's easy to social distance yourself. So next time anyone hears about a livestock auction taking place, please don't freak out. We...
  8. Sam Carter

    Coal Power

    What are your views on coal being used to generate electricity? Do you think it's needed in this day and age? I think of what the miners have to go through just to earn a buck and think that there has to be a better way in 2020.
  9. Sam Carter

    Are You Innovative?

    Whether you own 5 acres or 5 thousand, and regardless of what you do with that land, do you consider yourself innovative? Do you find interesting/out-of-the-box solutions to difficult problems, for example?
  10. Sam Carter

    A Question About A Well

    I have just acquired a small parcel of land next to mine that has an old well on it. I know nothing about it except that there is a pump house right next to it. Does anyone have any pointers on where I should start to maybe getting that old thing useful again?
  11. Sam Carter

    Pressure Wash Or Sanding

    When it comes to cleaning off wood for the purpose of re-painting, which method do you prefer? They say pressure washing is touchy business and you could end up ruining something by way of too high of pressure. But sanding is more labor and time intensive. Me, I go the pressure washing route...
  12. Sam Carter

    Do You Enjoy What You Do?

    Success in any endeavor hinges greatly on whether you enjoy what you do for a living. So do you enjoy what you're doing as a farmer? Or what you do in an agricultural "field"?