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  1. Amanda

    Low-cost dessert ideas for fundraiser

    The school is hosting a chili supper to raise money for new gym equipment. I'm hoping you guys can share some low-cost ideas for dessert options. A few hundred people usually turn up to these things. I figured a few platters of cookies might be the best way to go. What do you think?
  2. Amanda

    What's overrated?

    It seems like every year there's some new shiny piece of machinery that comes out that's supposed to be revolutionary. Which machines do you feel like are overrated? I can't remember the exact name, but three years ago I bought a machine that made seed balls. Yes, you can make those with your...
  3. Amanda

    Afraid of the coronavirus?

    It's all over the news and many people in my circle are talking about it. I honestly don't know that much about it. I made a donation to Doctors Without Borders because I understand the coronavirus is harming people elsewhere, but I'm not too worried about it becoming a serious problem here...
  4. Amanda

    Livestock and poultry first-aid kit

    I've begun gathering materials to create a first-aid kit for my barn animals. What do you all keep stocked? So far I have tweezers, antiseptic scrub, gauze, and latex gloves. What else should I add?
  5. Amanda

    Guardian Animal?

    Do you have a guardian animal that watches over your herd, warns them of danger, and helps to protect them? How did you choose the best type? I'm quite surprised at the options - llamas and donkeys make the list. I thought it was all about dogs.
  6. Amanda

    Egg incubator - to buy or to make?

    Just that really. I have all hens, so I plan to buy some fertilized eggs down at the ag store. I thought about placing the eggs in the nest boxes to see if the girls would hatch them, but that seems too iffy. I reckon I ought to get an egg incubator instead. They seem pricey, which led me to...
  7. Amanda

    Well-made, deep wheelbarrow?

    Have you been shopping for a wheelbarrow lately? I've used my great-grandfather's wheelbarrow for years and it's been excellent. Unfortunately, the tire went flat, fix-a-flat no longer keeps it going, and it's so old that I can't find any new tires for it. So I've been shopping for a...
  8. Amanda

    Cheapskate gardening ideas

    I use the cardboard boxes that I get from Amazon as my go-to weed barrier. Not only does it save me money, but it also allows me to repurpose the boxes so they aren't going to waste. Please share your cheapskate gardening ideas so we can all save some money.