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  1. OhSusanna

    U-pick operation going strong!

    We had to shutter our U-pick operation last season due to the pandemic. I was afraid that our U-pick business might be over. Thankfully, that wasn't the case. We've had more customers come out this season than ever before. I worried about our future on here, so I wanted to share that it's...
  2. OhSusanna

    The Olympics

    The Olympics will be here before we know it. Do you plan to watch any of the events? I usually tune in for the swimming and gymnastics competitions. I'm always super impressed by all their talent and skill! The athletes are amazing!
  3. OhSusanna

    Breeding quail

    There's a lot of contradictory info on the web, unfortunately. Does anyone here have experience with this? How many females per male are ideal for breeding. In the wild these birds stick with one mate, so do I really need three or four females per male? Do I isolate the mating pairs/groups...
  4. OhSusanna

    Helping the unhelpful

    Would you continue to help someone who is never willing to help someone else, not even when they have the means and the abilities to do so? I know we have some natural givers and takers in the world, but how much is too much?
  5. OhSusanna

    Making lawn designs

    What equipment is used to make creative designs in the grass? My husband I figured that it was just a matter of drawing something out, then raising and lowering the deck while mowing in order to create it. However, it didn't work as planned when he actually tried it. Its it a mower attachment...
  6. OhSusanna

    Lab-grown meat

    I never expected that lab-grown meat would amount to much, but apparently that sector has seen a huge boost in funding. Do you believe this will affect livestock farmers in the near future?
  7. OhSusanna

    Off the grill

    Our neighborhood had a small outdoor block party and one of the guys was serving up grilled watermelon and avocado. Have you ever heard of that? It was surprisingly tasty. I'm going to get the recipe from him when I can. What's the craziest thing you've ever had off the grill?
  8. OhSusanna

    $50 off internet if you qualify

    I keep seeing the advertisements for $50 off the internet, provided by the FCC, for families that qualify. I know some people that it would help so I sent the information their way. I figured I'd share here too. I'll quote directly from their website: A household is eligible if a member of...
  9. OhSusanna

    My trick to quail snacks

    I got so many great tips from @RichZ and @Birdie that I want to share one that I've learned. Right off the bat, I'll admit that it's not for the squeamish, but I use circular lights to lure bugs into my aviary. They run on a battery, and they get bright but not hot. I don't turn them on every...
  10. OhSusanna

    Plants for quail covey

    My husband is building an aviary for my quail covey and I'd like to grow some plants inside. It will be open to the sunshine and air, but covered with wire all the way around to protect the quail. What will grow under these conditions that the covey will enjoy?
  11. OhSusanna

    Quail are hiding, not eating much

    I took the flock that my neighbor no longer wanted. They are still in a cage, but it's much larger with more space to exercise and a larger coop. They aren't adapting well though. They hide a lot and aren't eating as much as they should. Nothing else has changed. They can't see my other...
  12. OhSusanna

    Have you heard of these?

    A lady from the gardening club forwarded me an article about superstitions with food and agriculture. I haven't heard of most of them, but it's a fun read. I do know the one about hanging a horseshoe over the door for good luck though.
  13. OhSusanna

    Delivery van or truck?

    Since the pandemic hasn't really let up, we're looking into getting a delivery van or two in order to serve our customers. I figured a van would be better because it provides protection from the elements and offers more climate control, but my husband is leaning towards a large truck instead...
  14. OhSusanna

    Rubber broom

    Just wanted to share that I got one of those brooms with rubber bristles and it truly is amazing at picking up fur and hair. It's especially helpful on hardwood floors and for getting in between ceramic tiles. I think it works better than a regular broom or vacuum. If you've been looking for...
  15. OhSusanna

    Orchids dropping blooms

    My shipment of orchids looked great when they first came in. I've had them for about three weeks, and I've already sold a few. None of my customers have complained about them or anything. I know orchids don't like water, so I've been watering them sparingly. The rest of the plant looks okay...
  16. OhSusanna

    Improving Facebook Engagement

    I used to get a decent amount of comments, likes, shares, and such back when I hosted weddings. The brides were also good about tagging us when they shared an image of their wedding day on their own page. Since I stopped hosting weddings due to the pandemic, engagement has really dropped off...
  17. OhSusanna

    Cool confetti idea

    I think it's super cute that New Yorkers got to write their hopes and wishes on the confetti that will drop at midnight. I love that idea, and I'm going to do this the next time I throw a birthday party (once the pandemic dies down). I hope the confetti is biodegradable though...
  18. OhSusanna

    Quails with what animal?

    I believe I'm going to take in my neighbors flock of quails since they don't want them anymore. I haven't really had time to consider where I'd house them or anything. Can they go with the chickens or do they a separate space since they're so small? How do you protect them from predators...
  19. OhSusanna

    Best livestock management software

    What kind of software do you recommend for tracking livestock management? I'm looking for something that tracks animal husbandry in particular and is easy to use.
  20. OhSusanna

    Worst thing about pandemic

    We all know that people dying is the worst thing about the pandemic. Those who are getting sick, recover, but then face the lifelong consequences of the disease would be a close second. I'm not belittling those very serious things! But other than those two things, what is the worst thing...