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  1. Minty

    My dog is afraid of the sound of thunderstorms

    He keeps whining when we get thunderstorms. I usually keep him by my side but recently he gets more nervous. I wonder if you guys have been having similar situations with your dogs as well.
  2. Minty

    Apps that help

    Recently have been thinking if there are some mobile apps specifically for farming or gardening... I don’t know why I was thinking about this but if there are some apps out there help me arrange my farming routines better or such, maybe it is worth trying.
  3. Minty

    Try to grow grapes for wine-making?

    I wonder if anyone here has tried to grow some grapes for the purpose of making wine. Seems fascinating to have some homemade wine. Currently gathering information online bit by bit on yeast-making and such.
  4. Minty

    Do you makes notes, and if so, how?

    Things can get critical for farming and I have a huge notebook that documents basically everything that I need to note about the farming routine. For all the expenses and budgets and such, I have another notebook. It sounds very traditional I know. But I also want to know how you document all...
  5. Minty

    How does the quarantine thing affect you?

    I personally don’t find it very difficult especially because my most activities stay at the a farm where hardly there are any other people. But I heard people find it hard to take care of their gardens as such as they don’t have cars and public transport is difficult at this critical time.
  6. Minty

    Growing lemon verbena

    I am interested in growing lemon verbena, as some of you also suggested when it comes to making herbal tea. It seems to me that it requires sunlight more than average. I am planning to grow some, maybe around summer time if everything goes well. But I wonder if humidity is also essential. Or is...
  7. Minty

    Herbal tea

    I’m thinking of growing some plants for making herbal tea. I’ve never done that before. I know some plants like milk thistle, mint are pretty good choices. Are there any other recommendations?
  8. Minty

    Going on a vacation with a farm

    Well I’m not going on a vacation right now as the corona is here but I was thinking about the problem the whole time. Although I’m sure I can always find someone to help but still a bit worried. It’s always this “I can’t leave my farm” mentality that destroy my trips.