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  1. Minty

    Emergency Planning

    I think it’s indeed a very good timing to reflect on our emergency planning. Honestly, I have never thought about that seriously before. Now I’m thinking of taking about this with my family as well as my neighbor.
  2. Minty

    How To Move A Storage Building

    Like what Wildlife said, maybe you should provide more information on where you would like to move to, how large is the storage building etc. For me I would find someone else to do it but it really depends I guess.
  3. Minty

    My dog is afraid of the sound of thunderstorms

    I forgot to reply but thanks for all your suggestions and such! It has been quite a while that he doesn’t feel comfortable with the thunderstorms. Sometimes better sometimes it gets worse.
  4. Minty

    I don't get spam

    From what I observed, some certain types of websites get more spams than others. I don’t know if the web providers (if it’s what they are called) is also one of the factors as well.
  5. Minty

    Best starter livestock

    Interesting about what RichZ said about name chickens. I wonder what the main cause is. Personally I name most of my animals so I don’t observe such problem in my farm. Chickens are indeed the easiest to raise in my opinion. Goats and pigs are my second and third picks.
  6. Minty

    Amazing step-over apple trees

    It’s possible for them to grow horizontally as far as I know. I think it’s actually more beautiful. It shouldn’t affect much on how the apples grow. Even though I seldom see people doing that in my area.
  7. Minty


    It sounds very interesting! Even though I have never joined any communities. I think it’s good to have a community where people can support and encourage each other.
  8. Minty

    How are you doing this season?

    True that we all need to be grateful. This is a good and healthy mindset that helps you getting through the tough time. Sometimes we just easily forget what we should be grateful for.
  9. Minty

    Father's Day

    I’m thinking of getting a new phone for him. The old one is not really working well even though he doesn’t seem to think so. But I guess I will still get him a new phone.
  10. Minty

    Trends you're glad to see go?

    I am pretty interested in this topic honestly. The techniques suggested by Almost Eden sound very helpful and practical. I might actually want to have some roses of different colors as well!
  11. Minty

    What matters most to you?

    Sadly you only know how durable it is after you have been using for certain time. But I guess reputation of the brand tells us something about their products. Also, some time it’s a matter of luck.
  12. Minty

    From scratch cooking

    I have never really tried cooking from scratch. Haven’t got the motivation to do that I would say. But I am trying to buy less from the stores, especially right now we have the virus.
  13. Minty

    Repelling Mosquitoes with Lemon Balm

    It is definitely worth a try. I found it pretty good personally. I guess it is because the mosquitoes don’t really like the smell of lemon and such.
  14. Minty

    Music for your farm animals

    I don’t really know about it but if I get some time to set it up, perhaps I will try it. I think trying to play some relaxing sound should be good to go.
  15. Minty

    My dog is afraid of the sound of thunderstorms

    He keeps whining when we get thunderstorms. I usually keep him by my side but recently he gets more nervous. I wonder if you guys have been having similar situations with your dogs as well.
  16. Minty

    USDA Approves Program to Feed Kids in Hawaii

    Good to hear that. But we all need to see how exactly it will work. Signing a deal doesn’t mean anything per se. How the deal works in detail is more important.
  17. Minty

    You and your employees at this critical time?

    Like what Homestead said, seems like the unemployment rate is getting higher than ever. So I guess finding someone fit should not be a big problem. It’s sad that people are losing their jobs.
  18. Minty

    Your weather

    Summer is coming! I like summer more than winter. So it’s good for me. Hopefully it won’t get too hot or humid in July. I hate the feeling of my skin melting.
  19. Minty

    If A Farmer Gets A Pickup

    Indeed I like reading children’s books sometimes as there can be some fascinating but simple logics that we always forget. And I just feel younger when I read them! Would love to read this one as well!
  20. Minty

    Fire Extinguishers for the Farm

    We have 2 and honestly I don’t think it’s enough but we somehow just sorted of forget the issue the other day usually. Recently talked about that as well though. Might get one more upstairs soon.