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  1. Growing in tough lands?

    Anyone here tried to grow your own food in a tough area? I'd love to hear some stories. I've often wondered about living off-the-grid in Alaska or even overseas. I've watched some reality shows about living in the Alaskan wilds or living in the desert, but I always figured they were probably...
  2. Let's hear your ingredient substitutions

    I rarely cook, but I'm a decent baker. My favorite substitution is to use cornflakes (any brand will do) to create my crumble/breading. I like the texture better and it doesn't become a soggy mess as quickly. I often reach for the cornflakes even when I have the traditional ingredients or...
  3. Turkey Business Left Guessing

    I stumbled across this article in the New York Times about turkey farmers and how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the industry. I hope all of our turkey farmers are doing okay that are members of this community.
  4. When do fountains freeze?

    I have a fountain full of koi fish. I'm in Georgia. Do you guys know about when decorative fountains begin to freeze over? I took these koi fish in as a favor to someone who got in over their head. They were supposed to be gone by now, so I'm totally unprepared to overwinter these guys. I...
  5. Ever heard of soap nuts?

    Have you guys ever used soap nuts to clean your laundry? Do they actually work? I find the idea intriguing from both an environmental and economical standpoint. I don't know anyone who uses them though.