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  1. Pinewood Acres

    Your good/bad in 2020?

    I hope it's not too early to start reflecting on the past year. Livestock wise, what went well for you this year and what didn't work out as you'd hoped? I fought off goat ringworm and it seemed to have cleared up for a few months. Unfortunately, it hit us again, so I moved the healthy goats...
  2. Pinewood Acres

    Timber stand

    What do you guys think will be the next big threat to timber stands in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest? Do you think we'll need to worry about climate change, another natural disaster, pest control, diseases, or something else. It feels like we've had a couple of trying years, so I'm trying...
  3. Pinewood Acres

    Sudden changes in temp

    Do these sudden changes in temperature that we're experiencing in the Midwest harm the livestock? It's been a while, but I remember that the weather used to change gradually. It would slowly grow colder. Now it seems more like an overnight change. I wonder if it's a shock to the system.
  4. Pinewood Acres

    Rock picker

    I've been eyeing these machines for a while and finally found a used model at a decent price. This implement is worth every penny! It makes clearing rocky land a snap. I was able to get the land ready to plant more cedar and pine saplings in record time. Now I have enough rock to make a few...
  5. Pinewood Acres

    Do you have a buddy?

    Do any of your livestock seem more bonded to you than the others? I have a goat named Gus that follows me around while I work. He often demands petting and watches for me in the morning. He sticks with me for most of the day when I'm out in the fields. Just wondering how many of us have a...
  6. Pinewood Acres

    Snail mail

    Snail mail is an apt description for how the postal service is running these days. I'm in the Midwest and It took a full week to get a simple letter that was sent from Los Angeles, California. It used to only take three days at most. I'm just curious if this is only happening to us because...
  7. Pinewood Acres

    Rural business shipping

    My wife and I have always used the USPS to handle our shipping because we thought it was important to support the post office. We've never regretted that decision until now when all of a sudden, we can't get our packages to our customers in a timely manner. We're living in the time of Amazon...
  8. Pinewood Acres

    The timing of sales?

    What time of year does most farm machinery go on sale? For instance, I've noticed that lawn mowers are typically priced the lowest in September. What about tractors, tillers, combines, and other machinery?
  9. Pinewood Acres

    Your best investment

    Which piece of machinery has been your best investment over the years? I can't imagine running my operation without my tractor with an auger to plant my saplings. I know some people prefer hand planting and I can see how that's a beneficial choice, but mechanizing the operation makes the...
  10. Pinewood Acres

    Who is best poised to ride this out?

    Which livestock and crops are least likely to be affected by economic woes due to the coronavirus pandemic? Which types of farms are best poised to ride this out?
  11. Pinewood Acres

    Midwest cheap crop, decent profit?

    The coronavirus pandemic is already affecting my business and I'm considering different ways of riding it out. Is there a crop suited for the Midwest that is cheap to grow (water, fertilizer, seed/starts) and usually nets a decent profit? It might not exist, but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask.
  12. Pinewood Acres

    Homemade goat toys

    Cables often come on those huge wooden spools which can be repurposed for the goats. Just lay the spool flat on the ground and watch the goats jostle for king of the mountain. I have several of these and the goats all love them. I put them in different configurations with various lengths of...
  13. Pinewood Acres

    What will be the outcome of Canada's seed royalty debate?

    I'm in the United States and the authority over seeds and plants has been debated, litigated, and legislated - basically no one is happy about the end result. What do you think Canada will end up deciding? The proposal process began in 2013, do you think there'll be a decision soon?
  14. Pinewood Acres

    Bookkeeping/Tax Software

    Do you guys use QuickBooks, Tax Act, Quicken or any of those other guys? They seem like handy tools for taxes and financial management, and we're looking to keep better records so things are easier down the road. Do any of them actually work as advertised? Which do you prefer?
  15. Pinewood Acres

    What to do about my bully?

    I recently acquired two new geldings who are gorgeous, healthy, and from excellent stock. The older horse is settling in just fine, while the younger horse is turning out to be a bully. He's pushy when there's no need for it and the other horses don't like it at all. There's been some...
  16. Pinewood Acres

    Treating ringworm in goats

    Two of my goats have ringworm. I've never had livestock with this type of issue, but I'm positive it's ringworm as I've seen it elsewhere. I've isolated those two goats. From what I've found online, ringworm spreads to animals and people alike and quickly at that, so I'm taking as many...
  17. Pinewood Acres

    Thanksgiving plans?

    I'm planning to eat a whole lot, play some football with my kids, and visit with my brother who has come in for the holiday. What about you?