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  1. Pinewood Acres

    Two-wheel tractor?

    I think those mostly exist overseas. I've never seen one nor heard of someone local using a two-wheeled tractor. It's amazing what Google will turn up.
  2. Pinewood Acres

    Raccoons causing havoc

    I water my cows and goats at night, but I bet they'd be okay without water honestly, especially if it's just for a few days to get the raccoons to move on. I don't water the chickens at night.
  3. Pinewood Acres

    Exercise plan help

    I understand that because I get bogged down in the office way more than I'd like. I've tried to train the staff to handle the books and ordering, but at the end of the day, I just have a hard time letting go. I bought an elliptical machine that fits in the office. I get on it a few times a...
  4. Pinewood Acres

    Dehydrator or smoker

    You can dry some things in the sun without any fancy gear required. I dry peppers all the time this way. I just lay them flat on a baking pan and set them out in the sun. I turn them over once a day. It usually takes a couple of weeks to complete the process. Maybe try something like that...
  5. Pinewood Acres

    Rosemary Christmas Trees

    I sell these feature plants, but I buy mine from a wholesaler because they're so hard to grow if you don't live in the right environment. I decorate the "trees" and resale them. Maybe you could look into that. They're pretty affordable. @Desi, here's a link to an example at Lowe's...
  6. Pinewood Acres

    Your good/bad in 2020?

    I hope it's not too early to start reflecting on the past year. Livestock wise, what went well for you this year and what didn't work out as you'd hoped? I fought off goat ringworm and it seemed to have cleared up for a few months. Unfortunately, it hit us again, so I moved the healthy goats...
  7. Pinewood Acres

    Timber stand

    What do you guys think will be the next big threat to timber stands in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest? Do you think we'll need to worry about climate change, another natural disaster, pest control, diseases, or something else. It feels like we've had a couple of trying years, so I'm trying...
  8. Pinewood Acres

    Managing soil for planting

    Adding compost to the soil makes a big difference. It slowly breaks down and keeps the soil healthy. It also helps aerate the soil. I get our soil tested sometimes. I don't have a strict schedule with it though.
  9. Pinewood Acres

    Sudden changes in temp

    Do these sudden changes in temperature that we're experiencing in the Midwest harm the livestock? It's been a while, but I remember that the weather used to change gradually. It would slowly grow colder. Now it seems more like an overnight change. I wonder if it's a shock to the system.
  10. Pinewood Acres

    Flea medicine not working

    It usually takes a few days of a hard frost to kill off parasitic bugs like fleas and ticks. Do the animals go inside your home too? Fleas inside your home will continue to thrive, though, so maybe you should start there. Their eggs will hatch all winter inside your home.
  11. Pinewood Acres

    Rock picker

    I've been eyeing these machines for a while and finally found a used model at a decent price. This implement is worth every penny! It makes clearing rocky land a snap. I was able to get the land ready to plant more cedar and pine saplings in record time. Now I have enough rock to make a few...
  12. Pinewood Acres

    Moldy straw

    For peace of mind, do one big clean. Get rid of the straw. Check all the nooks and crannies in the barn to make sure that mold isn't spreading around. Then add brand-new straw. If the mold comes back, then you've either got a leak or your barn is just staying too damp and you need to fix...
  13. Pinewood Acres

    Who plants a tree....

    Yep! And the best part is that my wife was so impressed by my clever gift idea. She made my favorite meal and bragged on me to her sister. Naturally I didn't tell her that I got the idea here. She's very creative with her gifts and they're usually a big hit, whereas mine run more towards...
  14. Pinewood Acres

    Pumpkin seeds

    We roast them with a sprinkle of cinnamon and cloves. @MichaelS, the pumpkins at the store are probably hybrids and yeah, they're unlikely to grow from seed, at least not true to the parent plant. Grab a packet of heirloom pumpkin seeds and give it a whirl.
  15. Pinewood Acres

    How much milk?

    What factors into it most is what type of cow it is. Some types have been bred over the years to be smaller in size and those produce less milk (they also eat less which is one reason why they are popular). Others are bred to produce the maximum amount of milk possible, and they tend to be...
  16. Pinewood Acres

    Who plants a tree....

    Fantastic! Thanks for letting me know. I just snagged two hardback copies on Amazon for $15 each. That's not too bad when you consider that it's a gift they'll each enjoy for years, and they are usually so hard to buy for. That's two people taken care of for Christmas.
  17. Pinewood Acres

    Do you have a buddy?

    Do any of your livestock seem more bonded to you than the others? I have a goat named Gus that follows me around while I work. He often demands petting and watches for me in the morning. He sticks with me for most of the day when I'm out in the fields. Just wondering how many of us have a...
  18. Pinewood Acres

    The timing of sales?

    Thanks a bunch for all the tips. I also noticed the auction thread that was recently created, so I'm heading there to see what bits of wisdom I can glean. I'm not new to farming, but I never got the hang of buying things at certain times of the year in order to save money. I'm trying to do...
  19. Pinewood Acres

    Who plants a tree....

    Ah, I really enjoyed that. Where do you find these bits of wisdom and jokes? Is there a book with this stuff in it? It would make a good Christmas gift.
  20. Pinewood Acres

    Cost of lumber

    No, you're correct, the rates have gone up. I've been part of the industry, mostly growing cedar and pine, and can explain why you're seeing such a price increase. The droughts, tornados, fires, hurricanes, and floods that have ravished the US this year and last year have wiped out a good...