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  1. Planting fall flowers

    We have had our first couple of frosts so I'm thinking that it's time to plant our potted mums. We are going to try our hand in growing several to sell next year. This is a new adventure so hopefully we are successful.
  2. Beef stew

    I am trying my hand at some beef stew this weekend. I've never tried making it before. It's going to be in the high 30s this weekend so it will be a great weekend for it. What vegetables do you add to yours?
  3. Apples

    I went apple picking with my wife and kids. I did not know there were so many kinds of apples. Some to eat, some to bake with, some for sauce! This place had made their own hybrid apple too. What's your favorite kind and why?
  4. Beef or milk cows

    I'm pretty new to farming, worked on many but just bought one few years ago. My wife and I are learning so many new things. Would you say that buying beef or milk cows are easier? I would think beef because you don't have to milk them daily.