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  1. Holii

    Aggressive pig!

    We have eight pigs and one of them just started acting all aggressive. I would say it's been happening for a week now. We did just add three, we had five. The aggressive pig was one of the original ones. He isn't hurting the others but I feel like he is "pushy" and he tries to show us who the...
  2. Holii

    Random question on birds

    My young child is now infatuated with birds (watching them). She watches them at my parents. We don't have bird feeders up but we are planning on it. I rarely notice birds around here in the winter and honestly I'm clueless when it comes to birds. I'm going to put out suet feeders today (my...
  3. Holii

    Recipes What to do with ham and turkey

    So we went a little crazy with all the food we have been cooking for the last week. What in the world should I do with all of this leftover ham and turkey? We are getting sick of sandwiches!
  4. Holii

    Irritated with some small equipment (tools)

    So I had a list of small power tools to buy and I thought I did good. When my husband opened them he laughed! I bought the ones that didn't come with batteries! Why in carnation would they sell tools without the battery - especially if they are cordless power tools?
  5. Holii

    Keeping tree up!

    If there was ever a year we need more smiles and cheer, it's this year. I usually take our real tree down and out right after Christmas. This year we decided to leave it up until 2021. It's beautiful so why not enjoy it longer.
  6. Holii

    Potluck dinners

    We were invited to a potluck dinner next weekend. What's your go-to dish for when you have to share it with others? The main meal is homemade macaroni and cheese. What would you take?
  7. Holii

    4-H or girl/boy scouts

    My children have been wanting to join a club. We've been looking at both of these. At first I thought 4-H because they do more with animals (showing them but taking care of). I was told that girls can now join boy scouts. I'm leaning towards that now because the kids learn all kinds of useful...
  8. Holii

    Covering your horses

    If you have horses, do you cover them up in the winter? When do you do this, everyday or only when it is below a certain temperature? We are kind of new to horses so I'm not sure what exactly we are supposed to do.