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  1. pseag

    Ticks on cattle

    Ticks in my area were so bad last year, and the year before. I didn't notice them on my cattle but another farmer in my town did. I hear they are going to be bad again this year. How do you protect your cattle from getting ticks? If you ever had this problem, how did you get rid of them?
  2. pseag

    Replacing belts on tractor

    When I went out to start the small tractor I noticed a whining sound. I'm pretty sure it's a belt of some sort. I was going to call my buddy to come look but I think it's something I can fix. Changing belts is an easy job right?
  3. pseag

    How are they raised?

    If you sell your animals or meat after they are butchered have you ever been asked how are they raised? I had a lady call today and she asked that question. It was the first time ever for me. What's a good answer for that?
  4. pseag

    Throttle broke

    I went out to push some icy snow around today and my ATV wouldn't move! I had to push it about 25 feet out of the way. I'm sure hoping the cable just came undone but I bet it snapped.
  5. pseag

    New Year's Eve food!

    First I should ask if you're staying in or going out for dinner? If you're staying in, what's for dinner? Do you make finger foods and snack all night? Lobster, crab legs and steak? What's your dinner plans?
  6. pseag

    Wild phlox

    You know those purple and white flowers that grow in the ditches, fields and all over the Northeast? Those are called wild phlox and they are a favorite of my wife and daughter. Well I dug some up last year (roots and all) and replanted them in our back field. They didn't do well, they died. Do...
  7. pseag

    Hay question

    If you grow hay do you use round or square bales when it comes time to bale. Is there any benefit of one or the other? I always wondered this when I see both types of bales in a field.
  8. pseag

    Different types of tomatoes

    My wife wants to enlarge our vegetable garden next season. We are looking at adding more tomatoes. Last year we grew grape and big boy tomatoes. What other kinds are there and what are their flavors?
  9. pseag

    Crop rotation

    We are starting to plan out our fields for next season and the season after. How far in advance do you plan? We have several fields so crop rotation for us is pretty easy. We always grow corn, wheat and hay each year. The only thing that changes is which field.
  10. pseag


    Have you ever had a problem with any of your animals getting frostbite in the winter? Last year got pretty cold here and I thought that one of the calves had frostbite on their ears. Any of your animals get this?
  11. pseag

    Smartwatch, fitness

    I need some help please. My wife is asking for a smartwatch for Christmas. She had a Fitbit but didn't like it (said it wasn't tracking her steps right). She wants to read her text and be able to talk on it too. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  12. pseag

    Water situation

    Have you ever had problems getting water? We struggled a bit last year. We were in a drought. Where do you get water and do you know you have enough or have a backup plan?
  13. pseag

    Canning, freezing?

    How successful were you with preserving your goodies from your garden? We canned a lot and froze a lot too. We should have enough to get us through the winter and early spring.
  14. pseag


    What are your thoughts on greenhouses? We are seriously thinking about making one. Our winters are long and cold so our garden season is short. What are the pros and cons of having a greenhouse?
  15. pseag

    Mixing spices

    I use a lot of garlic - fresh, minced, salt and powder. I'm looking to add some spices together to make a concoction to use on multiple things. What spices do you add together?
  16. pseag

    John Deere or Farmall

    I have a chance at buying a small used tractor. The guy has two, John Deere B or Farmall H. Anyone own both, which do you prefer? I'm leaning towards the John Deere.
  17. pseag

    Looking for small tiller

    We want to till up several flower beds and our house gardens. Our rototiller died earlier in the spring. I want to buy one that my wife can use too (she requested),so it's got to be smaller and self-propelled. Any thoughts?