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  1. pseag

    Equipment mechanic

    I love these school programs. I did the same in school. I also joined the FFA club. I learned a lot through both of those. I worked on our farm so I didn't have to go out to another farm to gain experience. I think it's a great thing to do. Of course, feel the kid out, see how much he knows.
  2. pseag

    Renting land

    I rented fields when I first started farming. I needed new places for my cattle to graze. I have since bought the land I rented. I'm thinking of adding on to my crops this year and will need more land. I would rent if the right piece of land became available.
  3. pseag

    Ticks on cattle

    Ticks in my area were so bad last year, and the year before. I didn't notice them on my cattle but another farmer in my town did. I hear they are going to be bad again this year. How do you protect your cattle from getting ticks? If you ever had this problem, how did you get rid of them?
  4. pseag

    Irritated with some small equipment (tools)

    I always pick up the extra battery and charger on black friday. You can never have too many of these. I think most people do tend to stick with 1 or 2 brands because of the batteries. We don't own any 12v tools, most of ours are 18v or 20v.
  5. pseag

    4-H or girl/boy scouts

    Wow, I didn't know the 4-H groups did that much either. That is a lot more than I did when I was younger and in the group. I would still go with scouts.
  6. pseag

    Replacing belts on tractor

    When I went out to start the small tractor I noticed a whining sound. I'm pretty sure it's a belt of some sort. I was going to call my buddy to come look but I think it's something I can fix. Changing belts is an easy job right?
  7. pseag

    How are they raised?

    If you sell your animals or meat after they are butchered have you ever been asked how are they raised? I had a lady call today and she asked that question. It was the first time ever for me. What's a good answer for that?
  8. pseag

    Everything But The Moo

    I certainly did not know this either. Pretty impressive! Nail polish remover and tires! Thanks for sharing the article, it was pretty informative. Who knew so many things were made from parts of a cow.
  9. pseag

    Freeze dried vegetables

    I tried some of this freeze dried food (ice cream, candy) and I thought it was horrible! I never tried vegetables though. Would you add water to them when you were ready to eat them, or eat them freeze dried? I thought the items I ate were super dry, made me very thirsty.
  10. pseag

    Throttle broke

    I went out to push some icy snow around today and my ATV wouldn't move! I had to push it about 25 feet out of the way. I'm sure hoping the cable just came undone but I bet it snapped.
  11. pseag

    New Year's Eve food!

    First I should ask if you're staying in or going out for dinner? If you're staying in, what's for dinner? Do you make finger foods and snack all night? Lobster, crab legs and steak? What's your dinner plans?
  12. pseag

    Beans... so many to choose from

    We grow many different types of beans too. We grow what we eat, not to sell. We haven't ever tried soy beans but from reading these comments we will probably start, they seem easy. Good luck on your new adventure in soy!
  13. pseag

    FDA Approved COVID Vaxx - You In?

    I just saw that a NY nurse was the first person to get the vaccine (today). I should say the first non-trial vaccine. I don't know how many other people got it today but she was the first. To answer the question, YES I am going to get it as soon as it is available to me.
  14. pseag

    Solar vs. gas vs. battery-powered generators

    I'm going to have to look into this because I did not even know they made solar-powered generator. I also didn't know they made natural-gas generators either. I have just a regular gas generator. Now I have to do some homework on this.
  15. pseag

    Wild phlox

    You know those purple and white flowers that grow in the ditches, fields and all over the Northeast? Those are called wild phlox and they are a favorite of my wife and daughter. Well I dug some up last year (roots and all) and replanted them in our back field. They didn't do well, they died. Do...
  16. pseag

    Wild Lettuce

    Interesting. Is it a supplement or actually lettuce? How exactly do you grow wild lettuce as it sounds like it's just wild. Is it just like wild flowers? I know, silly questions but you have peaked my interest.
  17. pseag

    Warm spell, new growth on winter savory

    Do you not get several hard freezes throughout winter? If not, I would say just cover it if you can. This way you won't lose what you have in the ground. We get several hard freezes all winter here.
  18. pseag

    Hay question

    If you grow hay do you use round or square bales when it comes time to bale. Is there any benefit of one or the other? I always wondered this when I see both types of bales in a field.
  19. pseag

    Ice sculptures

    Our celebration was canceled due to the pandemic. How did they handle this celebration? I think the ice sculptures sound awesome! I bet it takes a long long time to make just one. Time, patience and skill.
  20. pseag

    Tiny house living

    No way! I watched that show a few times. There is no way I would live in one. I have threatened my teenage son that I was going to make him live in one. He liked the idea.