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  1. FarmEnthusiast

    Digital farming

    Over the last 70 years, the world population has tripled. The projection is that it could reach 10 billion by 2050. What conditions will support innovations and the adoption of modern farming techniques? What role can farmers play to ensure the right balance between producing more food and...
  2. FarmEnthusiast

    Any good magazines?

    I used to love reading magazines, but now I can't even recall their titles. Are you looking to subscribe to monthly editions? Unfortunately, advertising has taken over the need to keep farmers updated!
  3. FarmEnthusiast

    Equipment mechanic

    I admire the self-drive that this student possesses. That kind of determination will take him places. I think it is better to start by giving him an orientation of the farm while observing his work ethic.
  4. FarmEnthusiast

    Rainwater storage systems

    We store our water in both plastic and underground tanks. The latter option allows us to retain and recycle rainwater. Like you say, above ground tanks can get damaged. Having an underground tank solves the problem of keeping the water safe and clean.
  5. FarmEnthusiast

    Staying safe while handling cattle.

    You may have worked hard around cows for a while, but you can still get hurt. Milking cows weigh between 1,500 and 1,800 pounds. It is necessary how to learn how to prevent accidents. From experience, I have learned to be mindful of their flight zone and blind spots. Cattle can't see directly...
  6. FarmEnthusiast

    Laws and regulations

    I agree. It makes sense to have a lawyer on retainer when the business' turnover has room for it. Outsourcing also helps the farmer to pay more attention to their core responsibilities.
  7. FarmEnthusiast

    Farming Blogs

    Starting a blog is easy, but the hard work is in keeping it updated with content. Also, would you be interested in monetizing it once there are many visitors to your site?
  8. FarmEnthusiast

    Thoughts on second relief package

    Now we are talking about $2,000, which is a significant sum, and it would be great to see this becoming a reality. Politics aside, we need to see more money getting into people's pockets!
  9. FarmEnthusiast

    If You Could Hire.......Would You?

    I have had a constant number of farm helps over the years, with a few additions in the past five years. I would hire if the need arose while keeping in mind the necessary precautions.
  10. FarmEnthusiast

    The farm bill

    It is a significant piece of legislation that is vital to everyone in the industry. Have you ever spared time to understand what it entails? It is said to provide a safety net for agricultural businesses, promote prosperity in rural communities, and encourage innovation in production practices...
  11. FarmEnthusiast

    The most profitable livestock to raise

    It is hard to answer this unless we narrow it down to particular areas with similar climatic conditions. Again, what works for one farmer may not work for the next one.
  12. FarmEnthusiast

    Exhibition breeds

    Are exhibition animals those that we find in trade shows and fairs? I suppose this kind of farming involves a partnership with various companies where the farmer gets paid to rear the animals.
  13. FarmEnthusiast

    Would you quit farming?

    Most farmers make the mistake of staying too long with some farming methods and expecting different results. It helps to consult or take a break rather than getting too deep into debt.
  14. FarmEnthusiast

    Best livestock management software

    Gone are the days when farm managers dealt with a lot of paperwork. Most farmers often find it hard to make a choice, but I'd suggest selecting at least three then utilizing a trial period if available. Do you have a budget in mind?
  15. FarmEnthusiast

    Broilers or layers?

    Broilers usually grow faster than native layers. The latter don't usually gain weight because they are reared solely for egg production. Which option should a farmer who is new to poultry farming pick?
  16. FarmEnthusiast

    How to keep ducks' water clean?

    I can't think up a way out of this other than replacing the water. Giving them a deep storage tub or something they can drink out of will help. Ducks prefer clean water so that they can submerge their heads.
  17. FarmEnthusiast

    Bears in your area?

    I am usually fascinated by them too, but I wouldn't want to bump into a bear, let alone get close to it. There are eight bear species in the world, but they aren't all dangerous, right?
  18. FarmEnthusiast

    Debt traps

    Crop loans are usually taken at the beginning of the season and repaid after harvest. With cultivation dependent on rain (a natural resource),what is the best way to cushion ourselves from a debt trap?
  19. FarmEnthusiast

    Would you quit farming?

    Farming is something I got introduced to at a young age, so quitting altogether may not be a viable option. Changing farming methods, exploring new opportunities, or taking breaks can help kickstart a 'slow' venture.
  20. FarmEnthusiast

    Specialty crops

    Farmers are encouraged to adopt specialty crops to make use of their knowledge and gardening skills. It is also a way to earn extra income. Since these crops are not widely grown, they fetch higher prices. Yes, lavender is a specialty crop, with lavender farming being a profitable venture.