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  1. Urban Homestead

    Gas powered mower for $100-200?

    Thanks for the tip, Birdie. I was able to order one and have it shipped to my local Home Depot. It was about $200 including tax. It doesn't self-propel, but that's okay with me.
  2. Urban Homestead

    What's your weather like?

    I live in the South and it's been really nice lately. It feels like we're on the cusp of spring and I love it. The birds around here are already twitterpatted. I feel for the Texans though. I hope things get better soon.
  3. Urban Homestead

    Raising bunnies

    I raised some rabbits that were on The Livestock Conservancy priority list. The local state college asked me to do it. I agreed on the basis that I could control everything and that no experiments were to be performed on the rabbits. They were exhibition rabbits. I successfully bred them and...
  4. Urban Homestead

    Thinking about adding pigs

    I've looked into it, but I don't have the space since we already have chickens and goats. I think they're a bit tougher on the land than horses and cows, but I could be wrong. You can get quite a bit of meat off of one pig, and they can eat a lot of kitchen scraps, so they don't seem expensive...
  5. Urban Homestead

    Minimizing food waste

    Do you guys have any tips for minimizing food waste when it comes to chickens? I got some new hens last summer to add to my flock and they've taught the others to sling the food everywhere.
  6. Urban Homestead

    Plants for quail covey

    Marigolds would make a good addition. They help warn off some pests too. I think basil and dill will grow in that environment and the herbs are supposed to be beneficial to quail as well.
  7. Urban Homestead

    Gas powered mower for $100-200?

    Can a person get a decent push mower for around $100-200? It wouldn't need to do anything fancy. I prefer a gas model, though.
  8. Urban Homestead

    I never can find . . .

    Hair ties and ink pens that work are the two big things around here that always seem to go missing. I can find them all day if they aren't actually needed right then.
  9. Urban Homestead

    Not enough pruning

    It happens to the best of us, OP. Sometimes we just get busy or the weather doesn't cooperate. You'll fix it when you can. I just audibly gasped, because most shrubs, trees, and other plant life need pruned on a specific timetable. In other words, you've probably been really lucky at...
  10. Urban Homestead

    Streaming service with best value?

    I get the most use out of Netflix, although Hulu's not a bad bargain either. I've subscribed to it a few times before. Disney+ is about to go up in price, so order soon if you decide to go with it.
  11. Urban Homestead

    Healthy popcorn

    You can pop it with water supposedly, but I've never tried it. You need a large cast iron skillet. Fill the bottom with a layer of kernels. Then add water so that it covers the kernels, but don't add so much water that they float. Shake the pan periodically to keep them from sticking...
  12. Urban Homestead

    good,bad idea to start farming

    What are some of your ideas for starting out? A lot of folks who do well grew up on farms and inherited the property or at least some of the equipment. That gives them a big leg up. I started homesteading when the economy tanked years ago. I started by growing vegetables with seeds because I...
  13. Urban Homestead

    How-to avoid construction machinery

    When I buy used machinery how can I make sure that it wasn't used for a commercial construction business? I'm assuming that the machinery used for commercial construction would be used harder than what I'd get from a farmer.
  14. Urban Homestead

    Quick games for playing on tablet

    I like word games a lot. If that's up your alley too then try Word Jigsaw, Wordscapes, and Word Wow. They're available on both tablets that you mentioned.
  15. Urban Homestead


    I don't know much about them, but they sure look majestic beasts. I bet you could raise them for meat and fiber. I'm not sure about raising them for milk though.
  16. Urban Homestead

    Chicken wire help

    You could try hardware cloth which is stiffer, but the holes are slightly larger too, and it's more expensive than plain old chicken wire. I don't have any problems with chicken wire, but I live in the South where there's rarely snow.
  17. Urban Homestead

    Easy winter activity

    All you need is a white sheet of paper like construction paper or computer paper, a white crayon, and some watercolor paint. Draw a design on the paper with the crayon, then slowly begin passing over the paper with the watercolor paint, so your design is revealed little by little. Stop at...
  18. Urban Homestead

    Digital farming

    Every time I read the thread title I think someone is trying to bring back Farmville. It used to be an extremely popular game on Facebook. I never understood why. To answer the question (finally) I think each of us has the responsibility to do what we can. To do our best to grow food without...
  19. Urban Homestead

    Off-farm breaks

    I haven't taken off lately because of the pandemic, but I've taken off before for a few days here and there. None of my neighbors know anything about livestock, so I always have to hire help and sometimes it's a hassle.
  20. Urban Homestead

    Rubber broom

    I'll try that trick with a piece of rubber on a small area. In the past I've used a nitrile glove to pick up pet hair on my living room furniture. It works as well as those disposable rollers.