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  1. Riin

    When did you decide to turn your farm into a business?

    Just interested in finding out, for those of you who are running your farm as a business, what made you make such decision? Did you all start from a hobby farm or what?
  2. Riin

    Farms, gardens and neighbour

    Here we have some kinds of villages, that are named after, for example, a university. And those pieces of lands in that village belong to the people (and their family) who work at that university. So basically you have your farming or gardening neighbour also from the same institute you work at...
  3. Riin


    So I was thinking of a more simplistic lifestyle, which I am already trying to have but still there are challenges and temptations. Then I found out the main challenge doesn’t always come from external circumstances but the influence of your peer, family or friends, when you are trying to have a...
  4. Riin

    Becoming a homesteader

    My goal is to become a homesteader. It’s still quite a far target to me as I just started my farm. I wonder how many homesteaders here and how challenging do you guys think it is?
  5. Riin

    Hi from the Northern part of Europe

    It’s very nice to meet you all. I’m Riin from Estonia (somewhere under Finland and next to Russia). I just recently started my planning for farming, was somehow interrupted by the corona virus but now I decide to just keep going. I am very new to farming to be honest. Since I don’t feel like...