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  1. Urban Homestead

    Minimizing food waste

    Do you guys have any tips for minimizing food waste when it comes to chickens? I got some new hens last summer to add to my flock and they've taught the others to sling the food everywhere.
  2. Urban Homestead

    Gas powered mower for $100-200?

    Can a person get a decent push mower for around $100-200? It wouldn't need to do anything fancy. I prefer a gas model, though.
  3. Urban Homestead

    How-to avoid construction machinery

    When I buy used machinery how can I make sure that it wasn't used for a commercial construction business? I'm assuming that the machinery used for commercial construction would be used harder than what I'd get from a farmer.
  4. Urban Homestead

    Easy winter activity

    All you need is a white sheet of paper like construction paper or computer paper, a white crayon, and some watercolor paint. Draw a design on the paper with the crayon, then slowly begin passing over the paper with the watercolor paint, so your design is revealed little by little. Stop at...
  5. Urban Homestead

    Kids say the darndest things

    During breakfast we were all talking about how the pandemic has saved us time - no commute, no team sports, no fundraisers. Well, my son chimed in with, "I save so much time since I don't need to brush my teeth." It turns out that online learning and wearing a mask when leaving the home means...
  6. Urban Homestead

    Covering graves - yea or nay?

    Do you make a point to cover your loved ones' graves with flowers or other trinkets? I've noticed that it's important to some people, but not others and it usually just depends on what your family did while you were growing up. I'm in charge of covering the graves in my family. I usually...
  7. Urban Homestead


    My doctor recommended that I start taking a potassium supplement, but there are so many varieties that I have no idea which to order. Is it actually beneficial to take potassium that came from "multiple sources" or is that just a marketing claim to move product? Any idea?
  8. Urban Homestead

    HVAC sounds like a helicopter

    My HVAC system sounds like a helicopter that is flying overhead. I know that probably sounds wacky, but I don't know how else to describe it. What do you think could be wrong with it? We just had it installed a year ago.
  9. Urban Homestead

    I'm bored!

    Y'all, I don't mean to sound like a child, but gosh darn it am I bored. I've read some of what you all are up to, and I have to say that I don't want to read a book, I don't want to watch Netflix, and I don't want to play a game. I've done all those things multiple times since we started...
  10. Urban Homestead

    HVAC does it really save money. . .

    if you set it at one temperature and you don't change it? We're having this debate at the moment. I'd like to adjust the temperature as needed, but my husband has some sort of internal alarm that goes off when I even consider moving the dial.
  11. Urban Homestead

    Getting noticed on Etsy

    I sell homemade soaps and lotions that I make with milk from my goats. I had a stall at the farmers market until the pandemic hit. In order to adapt, I set up a store on Etsy, but I'm having a hard time drawing attention to my goods. What are some tips for standing out on Etsy?
  12. Urban Homestead

    Chamber of Commerce

    If you've joined your town's chamber of commerce have you found it beneficial to your business? My local chamber of commerce has been on a heavy recruitment spree and I seem to be on their radar.
  13. Urban Homestead

    Can livestock/poultry spaces be too big?

    I've always focused on making sure that my livestock and poultry had ample space both for foraging and sleeping. Is there such a thing as too much space, particularly with their housing structure?
  14. Urban Homestead

    Preventing rust

    I've always sprayed everything down with WD-40 to prevent rust, but a neighbor said I should use oil instead and that WD-40 could harm my equipment. Is that true? What do you use to prevent rust from forming on your machinery, tools, and other equipment?
  15. Urban Homestead

    The trick to cultivating mushrooms?

    I keep hearing that it's easy to cultivate mushrooms, but I've yet to pull it off. What's the trick here? I know my spores came from a reputable dealer, but I ended up with very few mushrooms.
  16. Urban Homestead

    What are you thankful for this year?

    The coronavirus has changed many of our lives this year, but one of my favorite quotes is the Hansa Proverb, "Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot." It's true! So, what are you thankful for this year?
  17. Urban Homestead

    Rosemary Christmas Trees

    I love those rosemary plants that are shaped like Christmas trees that you see in stores. I thought it would be fun for me and the kids to make one. I started with five plants, just to hedge my bets. Well, my plants were growing well at first, but now all five have brown patches. I removed...
  18. Urban Homestead

    Parasite management

    Do you guys treat your livestock and pets year-round, only during the warm seasons, or only as needed (when they actually have parasites)? I treat my livestock and pets during the warm months as a preventative, but since it's not cooling off until much later than usual, I'm wondering if that's...
  19. Urban Homestead


    What do you guys like to do on the weekends? I grew up having lazy Sundays where we went to church, came home, and just plain rested. We played board games and watched movies as a family, but we didn't do any work. I didn't grow up with livestock or other animals that needed care though. I...
  20. Urban Homestead

    Tips for making popsicles

    Am I the only one who can't make a decent popsicle? I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but the syrup/flavoring tends to separate from the water, so that the center is flavored and the sides are just a block of ice. Any tips?