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  1. Demeter

    Raising snails for export

    I know snails aren't classified as livestock, but it's a living creature that can be cultivated for profit, so I figured this was the place to put it. From what I've read, most folks seem to consider snails an export crop. Is the market too weak in the US to sustain it? Is there a healthy...
  2. Demeter

    Winged beans

    Has anyone here ever been successful with these? What's cool about them is that the whole thing is edible. I've tried planting them for the past three years, but they never so much as sprout. Any tips for getting them going?
  3. Demeter

    Replacing strawberries

    I had a huge strawberry patch in my front yard that I've removed. What edible should I plant there now? What edible will thrive in similar growing conditions to a strawberry? I'm leaning towards rhubarb since it's also lovely to look at.
  4. Demeter

    Neighbor kid allergic to strawberries

    I happen to grow different varieties of strawberries all over my property. When the neighbor bought the house, they didn't know about the strawberries because they aren't as noticeable this time of year. The child is eight-years-old. The parents would like me to get rid of my strawberries...
  5. Demeter

    Interesting winter plants?

    I always feel a little down at the end of harvest season, so I decided to see which plants could survive during the winter and add some interest to the landscaping. I was able to find and plant quite a few like holly bush, ice pansies, and Christmas rose. What else should I add? It's been...