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    How easy is it to find mentors considering that farming is an involving venture? The diverse set of skills that farmers need requires mentorship and advice. How else can we learn the ropes?
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    Starting a farming business

    Are you a hobby farmer, or do you farm for profit? For most farmers, this forms the starting point and forms the basis of a farming strategy. It is easier for someone who grew up on a farm to start a farming business. How about those who are new to farming; where do they start?
  3. RuralFarm

    The food policy

    The issues that the various food policies are supposed to affect are usually legit. They may include decreasing erosion, limiting the emission of greenhouse gases, and so on. However, I think what lacks is regulation. Should farmers be given incentives to implement conservation programs?
  4. RuralFarm

    Largest crops in the world

    Did you know that Brazil produces 700 million tons of sugar cane? Corn from the United States follows closely at about 300 million tons. On the other hand, most of the world's vegetables, sugar, corn, rice, sugar cane, and wheat originate from China.
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    Leftover corn stalks

    How do you handle corn residue after harvest? Leaving the stalks upright can help catch snowfall, but they can hinder farm implements in the spring when planting or fertilizing. In previous instances, I have either baled the residue for bedding or grazed cattle on it.