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  1. Emergency Cake

    Vitamix FoodCycler

    What do you guys think about the Vitamix Foodcycler? Does anyone here have one? From the product description it kind of sounds like a garbage disposal and compost bin rolled into one. I saw a demo at Home Depot today and it looked pretty nifty. I don't think I'd spring for one though.
  2. Emergency Cake

    Key differences in caring for cows and goats

    I'm still undecided about trading in the dairy cows for dairy goats. What are some key differences in caring for them? Milking, feeding, breeding, housing, and waste management are some of the big factors I'm considering. If I take the goat route, I'll probably go with Nigerian Dwarf goats...
  3. Emergency Cake

    Frugal root cellar

    I wasn't quite sure what to title this thread. A frugal root cellar, a lazy root cellar, or I'm too cheap to hire help. Basically, I've got an old refrigerator that no longer works. If I bury it into the ground face up so that I can access the inside, would it work like a root cellar of sorts?
  4. Emergency Cake

    How-to make box cake yummier

    Homemade cake is utterly delicious, but box cake can turn out just as yummy (almost?) with a couple of tips. Box cake is usually mixed with some combination of water, eggs, and oil. Well, if you switch melted butter for the oil and milk for the water, your cake will turn out more flavorful...
  5. Emergency Cake

    Favorite sweet treat

    Do you reach for a candy bar, a bowl of ice cream, a piece of cake, or some other confection when you want something sweet? I'm partial to Snickers bars if I'm buying something off the shelf, but when I'm making it myself I go for cheesecake. You?
  6. Emergency Cake

    Best milk goats

    I own a bakery and one of the things that makes us special is that most of the ingredients are produced right here. I'm considering replacing our cows with some goats, so I'd like to know which goats are the best milk providers in volume, taste, and ease of milking?
  7. Emergency Cake

    Barn floor options

    What is the best option for a foundation when housing goats? Our barn floor is dirt with lots of straw on top of it for bedding. We currently have three dairy cows, but we're looking to switch them out for some goats. I'm not happy with the dirt floor and thought it might be a good time to...
  8. Emergency Cake

    Licorice plants edible or not?

    Google is great, but sometimes what it pulls up up is also baffling. Some resources suggest that the licorice plant is not edible and others say that it is. What say you all? In case you're wondering, I do make licorice flavored sweets, but most licorice flavoring comes from anise plants.
  9. Emergency Cake

    Contactless payments

    If you sell through a farmers market, through trade-shows, or through another avenue, I'd love to hear whether you've implemented contactless payment options and how it worked out. I'm considering whether to add a touchless payment system to my small business and weighing my options.
  10. Emergency Cake

    Goat's milk vs. cow's milk

    Consumers are more familiar with cow's milk, but I think that's slowly changing as we introduce more varieties like soy milk, almond milk, and so on. I'm interested in switching out my milk provider. Right now we have two dairy cows, and I'm wondering if goats might be able to fit the bill...
  11. Emergency Cake

    Monitoring at night?

    Do you monitor your animals through the night, either through a camera system or by getting up and checking on them? What's the latest/earliest that you set eyes on them?