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    What is eating my suet?

    It could be a squirrel too. I've seen those pesky things near our feeders. We don't feed the other wildlife just birds at our house. I figure the other animals eat the birdseed!

    Ax throwing

    I have not seen women in these competitions either. I wonder if there is a women's league. I'm all for women participating too. My wife wants to try it too. There is a place close by that has a setup to try.

    Raising bunnies

    That is interesting Urban. I don't think we have anything like that here. I would love to donate my time to something similar. I was thinking the same thing, just pets. Rich, very interesting about the fur!

    What's your weather like?

    Today we reached a high of 51! That's not typical for us. It's been in the teens for a while. It seems like we will be in the thirties the rest of the week. We have about 15 inches of snow in our yard still.

    COVID-19 Update: USDA, FDA Underscore Current Epidemiologic and Scientific Information Indicating No Transmission of COVID-19 Through Food or Food Pac

    That is great news! I didn't think that I read where it was being transferred through food or packaging. I'm glad they came out and said it though. I bet it puts a lot of people's minds at ease.

    Going to put in vegetables too

    Busy busy busy. I think it is a great idea if your wife wants to do it. From what I have read, running a vineyard is a tough job with long hours. I'd venture into wine making or opening a brew house.

    Raising bunnies

    My wife thinks we should add bunnies to our list of farm animals. I know, I know - they aren't really farm animals. Seriously though, anyone raise them and sell them? Who would buy them?

    Ax throwing

    Now here is a sport that I can get into! With all my years of splitting wood, I'd do great. Anyone watching this? I didn't even know it was a professional thing. I caught it yesterday on one of the sport stations.

    Amount to charge?

    This is a tough one. I'm assuming you don't do this often. I would figure out an hourly cost for your equipment. Wear and tear, insurance cost, maintenance, etc. divided by hours you use it each year. That would at least be a start.
  10. BIGRED

    Valentine's Day Plans?

    We aren't going out tonight, too much virus out there. We are binge watching Yellowstone and we are ordering in. I did get my wife and my mom flowers. Roses for my wife and tulips for my mom.
  11. BIGRED


    I visited a bison ranch a couple of times. They have a drive through, teaching kids about them. They also sell bison meat, it's pretty costly. I would think it is the same.
  12. BIGRED


    Anyone watch this show? We are recording all the seasons, starting at the first show. It's pretty good so far (I'm only 3 episodes in). It's something that we (wife and I) are enjoying together. Any other fans?
  13. BIGRED

    Keep Foodborne Illness Away from Your Super Bowl End Zone

    Well yeah... we are super careful when it comes to food and leaving it out. The article provides some good tips though. I've been places where people leave food on the counter for hours.
  14. BIGRED

    Easy winter activity

    I'll have to share that one with my wife. She is by far the crafty one at our house. I bet the kids will love it. I can see them trying it too. It might get a little out of hand with paint and the "littles".
  15. BIGRED

    Homemade pizza... toppings

    I agree with you on the whole store bought/pizzeria made pizza. I haven't ever tried to make my own with BBQ sauce. We do have at least five different BBQ sauce open in our fridge. We like a variety! I'm with you on spices too. Sometimes people over spice their food and it's awful. Or they use...
  16. BIGRED

    Do you have a preferred month for piglets

    We aim for early spring too. We do keep our piglets with their moms but it's still better for them if it is not winter. We do tend to offset the births though, so they are delivering about a month apart.
  17. BIGRED

    Homemade pizza... toppings

    Wow jjp! Now that was some detail and quite a variation. I have tried pizza with BBQ sauce once. It was horrible to me! I don't like white pizza either. I love pizza sauce so I don't really vary from that.
  18. BIGRED

    Compostable livestock mat

    I have never heard of these so now I have to do some research. What are they supposed to help with? If you already have a good compost pile, will they help in other ways?
  19. BIGRED

    Cows mad

    Oh now that is funny! What exactly are those finicky cows doing? Are they grunting, kicking their feet in the snow, what? My cows are not finicky at all. They really don't have much of a personality.
  20. BIGRED

    Protecting the land

    I went to a town meeting last night and someone asked a great question. They asked what farmers are doing to protect the environment? I asked what are others doing? So, what are you doing to protect the farmland?