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  1. Improving pasture

    Allowing the land to go through a rest period helps improve it too, but it's one of the toughest things to do. It feels like a waste almost, because instinctively, I want to put all the land to good use, but not allowing for a rest period would be counterproductive in the end.
  2. Extended warranty worth it on UTV?

    Extended warranties aren't usually worth it. You might make out better in the long run if you save that money and set it aside for any future problems with the UTV.
  3. Cat Dramatics

    They're mellow? I had no idea that was a possibility. Mine are dramatic about everything. One drop of water lands near them. Cats: Oh no, we're soaked. It's the end times. Get the ark ready. We're drowning. The litter box hasn't been scooped yet. Cats: What am I supposed to do? I...
  4. Thinking about adding pigs

    Pasture-raised heritage pork is succulent and delicious, but pigs are highly intelligent and I would find it difficult to slaughter a pig that if I was the one raising it.
  5. I never can find . . .

    Matching socks for the kids. I finally started buying them all black socks. Now my problem is finding matching gloves. I can find one glove, but not its mate.
  6. Snow blower information

    Do they make any that are that robust? I've tried a few over the years, and there's always more clearing to do after I use the blower. Maybe you have to spend a lot to get one that good? Ours were always under a grand.
  7. Ax throwing

    I like to watch the Lumberjack World Championship and such. I don't see how they do it. The only portion I think I could do okay in is logrolling. That's the one where two people are standing on a floating log and they try to knock each other off by rolling it with their feet.
  8. Cash crops in the PNW?

    Trees and beets are two of the biggest cash crops in the Pacific North West. What else thrives out here that meets a need in the market?
  9. Cat Dramatics

    If my cat isn't provided with a plate of fresh wet food upon waking, she goes into a meltdown and swears she's going to starve to death. The dogs aren't nearly that dramatic. Is your cat like this?
  10. Spices, rubs or marinades

    I marinade a lot of my pork and chicken because I don't think the meat has much flavor without it. Maybe that's just me though.
  11. Forest/timber certifications

    We've struggled to sell our trees and another member here mentioned that certified timber might be more desirable. I've looked into it, but there are so many to choose from. Which certifications should we apply for, that will put us in good standing to sell our trees? We have an acre of...
  12. Group farming

    I've seen it work well in communes. I did a research study on a communal living and at that time, there were a few thriving communes in the United States. All of them had massive gardens and the people seemed to be doing well. I wouldn't want to live that way, but it seems to work for some...
  13. Growing mushrooms

    It depends on the mushroom I think. I've never tried growing them myself, but I've read that some are ready in just a few days and others take weeks to reach maturity. I think it would be easier to grow them indoors since they don't require light.
  14. Air fryer

    I use mine all the time. My favorite thing to make with it is coconut shrimp. It's a snap to make in an air fryer. Although I have to say that bacon wrapped avocado sounds good too. Well, bacon wrapped anything sounds good.
  15. Superbowl

    My husband and I are looking forward to it. I wish we could invite people over like we usually do, but that's okay, we're determined to enjoy it anyway.
  16. Demand for lumber and selling trees

    Thank you @baloyi and @Pinewood Acres for providing us with some tips. We had no intention of selling our timber until we read about how it's in demand and difficult to source, so we haven't applied for any certifications or anything like that. We thought it would be easy to sell. I see now...
  17. Demand for lumber and selling trees

    I keep reading that the demand for lumber has increased and that prices have risen, so we thought it would be easy to sell our trees. That is not the case at all. Has the industry trend changed recently and we're just getting in the game too late? What is the industry looking for when it...
  18. Green Living Costs

    Have you noticed that green living comes at a high price? There's a big markup on everything from soap to diapers to paper products. Why is it more expensive to make environmentally sound choices?