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  1. BarkerB

    Corned beef

    No! I mean, I think we are all a little Irish on March 17th. I don't care for corned beef though. My wife makes it but she also makes ham and cabbage too. @Almost Eden No, it's easy. You can make it in the crock pot.
  2. BarkerB

    Homemade machinery

    I'm the same way Henderson. I can fix almost anything if I have the parts. I did go to school for that (in school). I'm not much of a designer though. I've got ideas, but no time.
  3. BarkerB

    Flowers and shrubs that change color

    Hydrangeas can change color when they are growing. I think the key to some shrubs changing color is the ph of the soil. If you can change that, you can change the color of the flowers on the shrub.
  4. BarkerB

    Thinking about adding pigs

    They say the general rule of thumb is 25 pigs to an acre of land. How much land do you have? Pigs eat many things, including produce, grass and feed. I don't think it's hard to raise them.
  5. BarkerB

    Cross breed?

    Has anyone experimented with mixing fruits or vegetables together to come up with a new version? How successful was it? What two did you cross together? I want to experiment but I don't know where to start.
  6. BarkerB

    Start yet?

    Too early for us too here. We are in the planning phase still. We want to expand this year so we have a lot of planning to do. We do start many from seed though.
  7. BarkerB

    Raising bunnies

    @RichZ That is so interesting. We don't raise rabbits but I never once thought of someone raising them for their fur. How long did it take for their fur to grow back after you took it to use to knit?
  8. BarkerB

    Ax throwing

    I've seen both of these events. I went to a live lumberjack festival before too. I'm new to ax throwing. It was fun to watch them. Each contender had their own ritual between throws. One guy had 2 perfect games!
  9. BarkerB

    Not enough pruning

    Oh that stinks! What happened that made you not do this at the end of your season? Will it hurt the vines to prune in early spring? I would think you might stunt the regrowth?
  10. BarkerB

    Registering side-by-side

    Anyone know if you have to register a side-by-side? Is it different in every state? I know our DMV is a state agency. We are looking to purchase a used one tonight. Planning on tooling around with it (just on our back roads). Unsure if we have to register it.
  11. BarkerB

    Is it a sewer problem?

    I'm glad you called someone! Let us know how you make out. I hope it is an easy and cheap fix! Fingers crossed for you!
  12. BarkerB

    Thoughts on child poverty and $250

    I keep reading about some new item they are putting in the next stimulus. I'm not sure if it's in there yet or not. Child poverty and sending parents $250 (children from 6 to 17) and $300 (children up to 6) a month. I'm all for helping the needy but this scares me. I've seen people play the...
  13. BarkerB

    Where's my stimulus?

    Honestly I'm sick of all the stimulus, Democrat versus Republican drama. I do believe that every person that runs for some sort of political office just says what they think you want to hear.
  14. BarkerB

    Food poisoning

    I would think that if you shared the same food you would both have gotten sick. I do think that it takes a little bit of time too. Perhaps he ate something earlier in the day that didn't agree with him.
  15. BarkerB

    Average age of farmers

    I would think that they could be considered farmers. That could be what is driving the age lower than what I expected. 34 actually surprises me because I would have put it closer to 40.
  16. BarkerB

    Take risk or play it safe?

    Play it safe for sure. The farming industry is too touch-and-go for me to reach out to try new things. I guess if I was making a lot of profit I would be more willing to try new things.
  17. BarkerB

    Breed or artificial inseminate

    Do you breed or use artificial insemination for your animals? What's the pros and cons? I would think that if you didn't have the male animal you would have to "rent" one. Is it cheaper than artificial insemination?
  18. BarkerB

    Do you have a preferred month for piglets

    We are looking into breeding some of our pigs. Do you have a specific time you aim to have the piglets born and why? I know it is 114 days from insemination so you can plan.
  19. BarkerB

    Overuse of equipment

    We are careful to track the time used of our equipment too. We do this with our maintenance schedule. Do you have two of the same piece that you overused? What is going on with the piece?
  20. BarkerB

    Sledding and snowmen

    Oh yeah! After chores we play in the snow. It's amazing how tired and worn out the children are until it is time to play in the snow. I have to admit that I love the snowball fights!