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    Raising bunnies

    My wife thinks we should add bunnies to our list of farm animals. I know, I know - they aren't really farm animals. Seriously though, anyone raise them and sell them? Who would buy them?

    Ax throwing

    Now here is a sport that I can get into! With all my years of splitting wood, I'd do great. Anyone watching this? I didn't even know it was a professional thing. I caught it yesterday on one of the sport stations.


    Anyone watch this show? We are recording all the seasons, starting at the first show. It's pretty good so far (I'm only 3 episodes in). It's something that we (wife and I) are enjoying together. Any other fans?

    Protecting the land

    I went to a town meeting last night and someone asked a great question. They asked what farmers are doing to protect the environment? I asked what are others doing? So, what are you doing to protect the farmland?

    Homemade pizza... toppings

    We are making homemade pizza for dinner. We've got a lot of different tastes so we are making a lot of pizza! I love meat and lots of it (cheese too). The wife likes lots of vegetables on hers. Do you make homemade pizza? What are your toppings?

    How much did you invest

    When you first bought livestock for your farm, how much money did you invest? If you were going to expand what do you think would be a good amount of money to have up front?

    Freeze dried vegetables

    Has anyone ever tried to freeze dry your garden vegetables? We had a lot of leftover corn (we didn't sell) and my wife froze it. I've heard that people actually freeze dry corn. I know nothing of this, anyone know anything?

    Ice sculptures

    I took my family to a Christmas celebration in our small town last night. I was amazed at all of the ice sculptures they had. There were at least 10 and they were gorgeous! I can't even imagine the amount of time these took to carve. Anyone ever made an ice sculpture?

    Kids having hard time

    My kids have been getting more involved with the farm (especially with the animals). They are both having a hard time knowing that we are going to sell a few cattle. That was the plan all along. How do we make it easier on them?
  10. BIGRED

    Decorating for Christmas

    Has anyone started decorating yet? I know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! We have been decorating since November 5th (day after my wife's birthday). It's been a cruddy 2020 so we wanted to bring joy to people (outside lights).
  11. BIGRED

    What will Biden do?

    You come to this section and you see all kinds of great news stories of what our great President Trump has done for us. What do you think Biden will do?
  12. BIGRED

    How do you deal with weeds?

    I noticed that last season we had a lot more weeds in our garden. Anyone notice this? How are you getting rid of your weeds? We spent numerous hours on our hands and knees pulling them out.
  13. BIGRED

    Election and what it means to us

    With the upcoming election do you have a feeling one way or another on which candidate will be better for us farmers? I've been asking people this and have been getting a lot of different answers.
  14. BIGRED

    Chili! Hot or not

    I'm excited because it's getting cooler. That means less work on the farm and more comfort foods. So let's talk chili... I like mine spicy but my wife doesn't. I make the chili but I make it mild and add jalapeños and chili powder to mine. How do you like it?