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  1. Thyme Flies By

    Get Rid of Junk Mail

    I hate junk mail and I get tons of it. We don't have a recycling center around here either. I looked for ways to stop junk mail and ran across this helpful article. I hope some of their tips work. Thought I'd share in case it helps someone else here.
  2. Thyme Flies By

    Medicinal Garden

    What do you grow that has medicinal value? So far I've grown the basics such as chamomile, peppermint, echinacea, aloe vera and such. But this coming season I'm hoping to branch out into the more exotic plants. Astragalus is next on my list. If you haven't already tried growing chamomile...
  3. Thyme Flies By

    Seeds sprouting in compost pile

    I compost everything from avocado pits to weeds and lately I've noticed that the seeds are sprouting. Is that a sign that my compost isn't getting hot enough or cooking long enough? I check the temperature and it seems okay, but my thermometer isn't very long, so it's impossible to check in...