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  1. Paul

    Practical Versus Fun Gifts at the Holidays

    I tend to get people more practical gifts, too. My wife is the one who picks up on hints, remembers things people like, and so forth. She is great at gift-buying, so I usually just go along for the ride. I don't love shopping, but it's worth it to see our friends and family happy.
  2. Paul

    Share your go-to budget meal ideas

    We look for sales on meat, and when we find one, we stock up. We freeze our meat, and then pull it out as we need it. Since we grow a few herbs in the house, we save money on spices, too.
  3. Paul

    Bedding Options for Cows

    We use straw for our cows, but we only have four of them. Our barn is an open one, so all the cows can mingle with each other. It definitely makes it easier to clean rather than needing to clean individual stalls. The thing with straw, though, is that you have to be diligent about cleaning it...
  4. Paul

    New Rules for SNAP

    Have you all heard about the new rules for SNAP (food stamps) the USDA approved? It's going to cut hundreds of thousands of people off and millions of children will no longer qualify for free school lunches. Some of these kids only get to eat once a day with the free school lunch program. I...
  5. Paul

    Cyber Monday

    It's definitely a good time of year to stock up on things you need. My wife loves to shop when there are sales. I believe she ordered a few things off Amazon on Monday for our home.
  6. Paul

    Charity auctions

    I've heard of these sites before, but I haven't personally been to them to bid on items. I'm going to check out the one you shared. I love finding things at a cheaper price, and if the funds go to a good cause, that's even better.
  7. Paul

    Golf carts are my new must-have

    We have a golf cart, and I just love it! It makes getting around the farm much easier and faster. It also gives me a short break here and there. I'm on my feet so much of the day that a little ride in the golf cart is a nice treat.
  8. Paul

    Potato Shortage

    Have you all heard that the crazy weather we've been having this year damaged the potato harvest? They are saying that not only will potato prices likely increase as a result, but that there may be a French fry shortage, too. My family and I really love potatoes, but we may have to find some...
  9. Paul

    National Farm Machinery Show 2020

    Kentucky is a little too far for us to travel for a show, but it sounds pretty cool. I try to stay up with what's new online as much as I can. I love going to farm shows when they're nearby, too.
  10. Paul

    Becoming more common?

    I don't think I've noticed more farming in particular, but like Pinewood Acres, buying locally has become a huge trend. Our local grocery stores always make it a point to let people know when they're selling produce that's locally grown.
  11. Paul

    Keeping Turkeys as Pets?

    Has anyone here kept a turkey for a pet? We are thinking about getting a turkey or two for our farm to keep as pets instead of raising them for meat. I hear that turkeys are pretty social birds, so I'm not sure I could ever get attached to them and then use them for meat.
  12. Paul

    Growing Everything You Eat

    That is so inspirational. I would love to read the article as well. I'm not sure I could personally do it, but I would like to grow more of what we eat around here.
  13. Paul

    Your #1 profitable crop

    Our most profitable crop is corn. Obviously the season is over for that this year, so during the winter months we focus more on our livestock. We are looking to buy some more land in the coming years to grow soybeans.
  14. Paul

    Unique Christmas Decorations

    There are farm-themed ornaments you can order from Amazon (you can find everything on Amazon, it seems). I've found many of ours through sellers on Etsy as well. I was browsing the Hallmark Keepsake collection, and they have a couple of horse ornaments this year.
  15. Paul

    How Can We Go Away for the Holidays?

    I'd like to take my wife and kids to visit her parents for a few days over Christmas. They live in another state. The problem is that I don't have anyone who can feed our animals while we're gone. I always give our employees a few days off at Christmas. I don't feel like it's fair to ask them to...
  16. Paul

    Do You Share?

    I do allow our neighbor borrow our tractor from time to time. We've known his family for years, though. I'm not sure I'd lend out my equipment to someone we don't know well.
  17. Paul

    Which barn animals are on your farm?

    Right now, we have pigs. We want to get some chickens this next year. We also have a couple of cats and dogs. We decided to start out with just one kind of animal (pigs) and go from there when we were more comfortable with what we were doing.
  18. Paul

    Christmas ideas

    I haven't done a lot of woodworking, but I'd like to get into it more in the future. My wife and I have been growing several plants to give away as gifts to family and friends. We hope they enjoy them. We think the house could always use a little color in the wintertime to make it a bit brighter.
  19. Paul

    Unique Christmas Decorations

    I started pulling out our Christmas decorations because we put our tree up on Thanksgiving each year. We have a very unique tree. We always decorate it with farm-themed ornaments, so we have a bunch of pigs, cows, tractors, etc. on our Christmas tree. Our friends and family always get a kick out...