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  1. Andrew T

    Becoming more common?

    It does seem like people are trying to grow more of their own produce and herbs these days. Even my friends and family who don't live on farms are trying their hand at growing things to use in their own kitchens. I think a lot of people want to get back to our roots.
  2. Andrew T

    Real Vs. Fake Christmas Trees

    We have an artificial tree here, but I, too, would love to give my kids the experience of having a real tree at least once. I think there's something special about having a real tree in the house at the holidays. I have fond memories of our real trees at Christmastime when I was growing up.
  3. Andrew T

    Practical Versus Fun Gifts at the Holidays

    I was just curious to know if you give people gifts that are practical or fun? In other words, do you give your loved ones things they need or things they want around the holidays? I tend to give practical gifts, but my wife has been hinting she'd like something more "fun" this year. Maybe I...
  4. Andrew T

    Turning Barley Into Carbon to Heat Homes

    I ran across some pretty exciting news that I thought you all might be interested in learning about. A new research study shows how barley can be turned into carbon for heating homes. This means that all the barley breweries regularly dispose of after making beer may be able to be used...
  5. Andrew T

    Easy Cobbler

    Wow, this looks so easy, even someone like me, who doesn't know how to cook to save his life, could make it! I think I'll try to do this sometime. My wife might get worried seeing me in the kitchen, though. Haha!
  6. Andrew T

    Driver-less Tractors

    Technology has come so far over the past few decades, but I'm not sure I would trust a self-driving tractor! They will probably be most useful to corporate farmers. Sometimes I think we rely too much on technology and that we should be trying to simplify things instead.
  7. Andrew T

    How Can We Go Away for the Holidays?

    Do you have a neighbor who could feed your animals while you're gone? I really like Urban Homestead's idea! I'll have to discuss it with my own neighbors because we rarely get away from the farm.
  8. Andrew T

    Real Vs. Fake Christmas Trees

    Do you all put up real or fake Christmas trees? We have a nice fake tree, but I'd really love to give my kids the experience of having a real tree at least once. When I was a kid, we always had a real tree to decorate. The main thing to remember when selecting a real tree is to make sure it is...
  9. Andrew T

    Goat yoga

    I have not heard of it, but it sounds like an interesting idea. What do the goats do during the yoga class? Are your goats used to being around a lot of people? How do they get along with strangers?
  10. Andrew T

    Auctions Need To Make A Comeback

    I would definitely go. I drive to bigger cities sometimes to go to auctions, but it would really be great if we had some closer to home. I've found some really useful things at auctions and got them for a fraction of what I would have paid for them new.
  11. Andrew T

    Which animals are best suited for a small farm?

    I would include a dog or cat or two on the list, too. Our dog helps herd the cattle, but even if your dog doesn't do that, they can be helpful, keeping you company while you're doing chores and such. Barn cats can be great for keeping the mouse population down.
  12. Andrew T

    X9 Combine

    Have you all seen the newest combine from John Deere - the X9? It looks really awesome! I don't need one quite this big, but it would definitely be a nice piece of equipment to have. I hear it will have similar controls and interface to the S700 combine, so that should definitely help a lot of...
  13. Andrew T

    Flowers instead of crops?

    I agree, start getting the word out now. If you have a local farmer's market, you could bring some of your flowers to the market with you along with your crops to start selling in the Spring. Post on social media about your plans. Take photos of your flowers to share on social media.
  14. Andrew T


    You don't see too many people bartering these days, but I think it's a great system. I've bartered with our neighbors before. Not only is it a good way to share knowledge, but it allowed us to build a stronger friendship, too.
  15. Andrew T


    I love cranberries, but it seems like this is the only time of the year you can purchase them (unless you want to purchase the canned kind). So I always stock up. I buy a bunch of bags at this time of year and freeze them so that we can enjoy them throughout the year. Thankfully, they stay good...
  16. Andrew T

    Christmas ideas

    I'd love to get into woodworking myself. Maybe I'll make that a goal for the New Year. My wife and I have been canning some fruits and vegetables all summer, so we'll give those to some of our friends with some recipes of things they can make with them. My wife like to crochet, and she's...