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  1. MichaelS

    Where Are The Scarecrows?

    We don't use them, only to decorate during fall. You just don't see many older ideas anymore. I know my grandfather had them in the fields. There are new ways to deter pests now but I like the older ways too.
  2. MichaelS

    ATV mess!

    We went out to one of our fields yesterday and noticed it was a mess. Looks like some teens (I hope not adults) drove doughnuts with wheelers all over the field! I guess it's time to put up cameras.
  3. MichaelS

    What is your corn?

    We have sweet corn here too (as well as field corn for animals). I went to Georgia once and went to a local fruit stand and the corn was white. It wasn't sweet either, it was horrible!
  4. MichaelS

    Orders already picking up

    That is wonderful news! I hope ours picks up too. I get it, it was hard finding meat at the grocery store last year. It's good to see people being proactive! I hope you have enough to fill all the interest.
  5. MichaelS

    UK, Japanese, South Africa strain

    I saw that and it is scary. I really hope that the vaccine helps soon. I mean, once people can get it. How do we know that the vaccine will be good for all these new strains?
  6. MichaelS

    Equipment mechanic

    I had a high school student reach out to me this week about working on my farm equipment. He is taking classes at BOCES in school but wants some real life experience too. Would you let him work on your stuff?
  7. MichaelS

    Business classes

    My wife just signed us up for a couple of business classes (online). How many of you have ever taken any classes? How about a college degree? I'm pretty excited but a bit worried too. I hope I do well.
  8. MichaelS

    Anyone watching NFL

    We have been watching off and on. I can't believe that the Saints aren't really scoring much. Ha.. they just scored again. I think it might be Brees last year. Come to think about it, might be Ben's last season too.
  9. MichaelS

    Wild flower beds

    Wow, what a fun adventure! How did you decide to do this? I love those ideas too Smarty. We could use some gardens that deter deer. I would plant those flowers around all of our corn fields!
  10. MichaelS

    Slugs and beetles

    Anyone have a problem with either of these last season? We didn't see too many slugs but the beetles were crazy! I'm looking for a way to keep them out of the garden this season. What do you all do?
  11. MichaelS

    Rain barrels

    We have a couple and my wife waters the flowers with the water. Standing water will attract bugs. I don't use it to water our garden but that's just because we don't get enough water in the barrels.
  12. MichaelS

    Laws and regulations

    This is one area that I would say we lack on. We aren't a huge farm so I have not really put much thought into it. I imagine we are missing out on government money but that is okay.
  13. MichaelS

    Power washing

    That's smart Jack. It's better to be proactive instead of reactive. We do this too, we also do power washing our equipment. We don't use the tractors as much in the winter.
  14. MichaelS

    Finicky chickens

    I have a few chickens that just won't leg any eggs. What do you do to encourage them to lay eggs? I mean, I know we can butcher them to have the meat but I'd rather they produce eggs.
  15. MichaelS

    Thoughts on second relief package

    I agree that we need to help the people that we're affected by the virus (lost job). I don't think people that had no change to their situation should get the money. Politics aside, where will the money come from?
  16. MichaelS

    Is hemp outpacing tobacco?

    That's a tough call. From what I have heard out there, tobacco is still going to be big. I have not really looked into hemp sales though. I would probably stick with tobacco though.
  17. MichaelS

    Solar vs. gas vs. battery-powered generators

    Very interesting that they actually have solar powered generators. I mean, it makes sense but would they work. I don't own any solar powered generators but I would like to know more about them. I've got some research to do.
  18. MichaelS

    Broilers or layers?

    It would depend on what that new farmer wanted to do. Are they looking to produce eggs and sell them or are they looking to produce fat chickens and sell them for the meat? Whichever way would be the way they should go.
  19. MichaelS

    Walmart+ membership

    This is the first I've heard of it. If the prices are much lower then it might be worth it. If not, you're right, I use Amazon for much more than the products. I'm not a huge Walmart fan anyway.
  20. MichaelS

    Crop rotation

    I'm like Eden, I make more changes with my vegetable garden than I do with our fields. We do rotate what is planted, where. It's a three year rotation for us.