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  1. Almost Eden

    What is your corn?

    The most common corn on the cob here comes from a variety of sweet corn. I'm not sure about the specific variety though. I think it differs from establishment to establishment.
  2. Almost Eden

    Mosquito repelling plants

    Some plants are said to have mosquito repelling properties. How effective are they really? If you've had success with one of those plants, please let me know which one did the trick. Our mosquito population has exploded this year, or at least that's how it feels to me.
  3. Almost Eden

    Where Are The Scarecrows?

    They've never really been a thing in my area, except for decoration during the holidays. I don't they work. When it comes to deterring birds and pests, there are better options.
  4. Almost Eden

    Where to source beekeeping equipment?

    I'm an organic grower and I believe all my neighbors are too, if the state of their yard is anything to go by. I think I'm going to try my hand at beekeeping. What's a reliable source for bees and the necessary gear?
  5. Almost Eden

    Corned beef

    I don't think anything special for the day, beyond making green roses and carnations to sell in my shop. I don't believe I've ever had that dish. Is it difficult to make?
  6. Almost Eden

    Frugal root cellar

    I've heard of folks doing that with a deep freezer, so your idea isn't too wacky. You might want to make sure that a child can't get in it though and lock themselves inside.
  7. Almost Eden

    Delivery and shipping fees

    I'm a florist, but I sell other stuff too in my shop like creams, light makeup, scented oils, plants, and other stuff. I only deliver bouquets. I don't charge a delivery fee if the person allows me to deliver it on my schedule. I deliver all bouquets at the end of the day. That way I only...
  8. Almost Eden

    Is it a sewer problem?

    I have no idea. I'm just stopping by to show some solidarity. I've been in situations where appliances were acting up or something was wrong with the house and it's an uneasy feeling. I hope you figure it out soon and that the fix is affordable!
  9. Almost Eden


    In some municipalities the utility company actually pays people to use their excess solar power. That's definitely worth checking on. You might wait on that to see if Biden/the Democrats pass any legislation that makes it more worthwhile. I don't care about politics, but I'm all about saving...
  10. Almost Eden

    Weird soil test Phosphorus results

    Is that really a drastic drop? It doesn't seem that way to me over a five-year spread if you're actively using those fields. Do your plants show signs of phosphorus deficiency? I guess it's possible that one of your tests was incorrect, but that doesn't seem like a drastic change to me. Some...
  11. Almost Eden

    Rooster going nuts

    I bet something is bothering it. Usually dementia shows up more at night in animals for some reason. Of course, I'm no expert. I'm just going by what my vet has said. Can you put a camera out there?
  12. Almost Eden

    Why aren't we all raising honey bees?

    Why aren't we all raising honey bees and harvesting their honey to go along with our farming practices? We all need pollinators to be successful. I'm a florist who grows my own flowers. You would think that since flowers and honey bees go together that most flower farmers would also keep...
  13. Almost Eden

    The most expensive agricultural crops

    That was my first thought too. Oyster mushrooms are affordable to start and they have a quick turnaround time. I'm surprised more people don't cultivate mushrooms.
  14. Almost Eden

    Temporary hem

    I wish I could return them, Susanna, but I waited too late to try them on and missed the return window. I just forgot all about them until we started talking about hiking at the state park nearby. You had a good suggestion with the hem tape. I'll try it.
  15. Almost Eden

    Temporary hem

    Is there a way to create a temporary hem on a garment? I bought some convertible hiking pants that are slightly too long, but if I get them hemmed, they won't be convertible pants anymore. All I can find is Stitch Witch, but I believe it's permanent.
  16. Almost Eden

    Take risk or play it safe?

    Fear. Well, for me at least. Prior to the pandemic, I took risks by growing exotic vegetables and flowers that I had no experience with so they might not thrive or they might be too weird for my customers. I thought those plants would add to my market reach and I thought I could make them...
  17. Almost Eden

    Farmers' role in the Paris agreement

    One of the big ones is to stop tilling the land since it releases carbon from the soil, but I don't think large-scale farmers will ever make the switch to the no-till method. And maybe they're not being unreasonable. It's hard to balance the need for affordable food against protecting the...
  18. Almost Eden

    The most expensive tractors in the world

    The first one is supposed to be super powerful that can handle any terrain. I wonder who runs something that expensive though? Because you can build anything you like, but that doesn't mean anyone is buying it.
  19. Almost Eden

    Require vaccines?

    Do you require your employees to get their vaccinations? If so, which ones do you expect them to get? My understanding is that it's legal to require them, but that you have to offer exemptions for certain things too. I wonder if many employees opt for the exemption. It wouldn't be hard to...
  20. Almost Eden

    Best milk goats

    I have a small herd of Nigerian Dwarfs and they're a lot of fun. They have an excellent temperament and I find them easy to milk. I think their milk tastes better than cow's milk too.