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  1. Mayfield

    Ham and bean soup

    My wife has ham and bean soup simmering on the stove. It's what is for lunch tomorrow! I am getting so hungry just smelling it. Anyone else a fan of ham and bean soup?
  2. Mayfield

    Keeping squirrels out of bird feeders

    We just put up a couple of new feeders. We put them under a tree. I'm thinking it was a bad choice as I'm sure that squirrels are getting into the feeders. Where is the safest place to put them in a yard?
  3. Mayfield

    Birds sleep?

    So... I've noticed that we don't get many birds at night (at our feeders). I'm assuming it is because birds sleep. I never did research on this but they have to sleep right? Where and don't they feel threatened?
  4. Mayfield

    Easter dinner

    What do you have for Easter dinner? We make ham and a ton of side dishes. Most people I know serve ham. I wonder why ham became the go to meal for Easter around here.
  5. Mayfield

    Different feeding for different seasons

    Do you feed your livestock different things during different seasons? We tend to feed then more in the winter than the other seasons. I wondered if everyone does the same.
  6. Mayfield

    Local store giving scraps

    Our local grocery store has reached out to us to offer us "scraps". They have brought us produce so far. The pigs love it! Anyone else lucky enough to have this happen?
  7. Mayfield

    Blue Jay beds

    I have been doing a lot of research on birds and I see others have bird questions too! My farm seems to bring a lot of birds around the house. We don't get too many blue jays though. I read that you should have large, open feeders for them. I'm thinking about building some large, flat (with...
  8. Mayfield

    Air fryer

    We recently bought an air fryer and we are trying new things. Tonight we are trying chicken wings. We need to perfect them so we are ready for the big game on Sunday. What's your favorite thing to make in the air fryer?
  9. Mayfield

    Overuse of equipment

    We take great care of our machinery but we still have some issues. Our mechanic said our latest problem with our skid steer is because of overuse. I don't buy that, we do use it a lot but I wouldn't say we overuse it. Do you track machine hours? How do you make sure you aren't overusing your...
  10. Mayfield

    Pregnant sow (pig)

    How can you tell if your pig is pregnant? We've got a couple of sows that are 6 months old. We also have a couple of male pigs (boars) that are just under a year old. They are all kept together.