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  1. Neighbor's geese chasing my goats

    I live in a rural area so my neighbor is a good distance away. I rarely come across his animals, but lately some of his geese have been coming over and chasing my goats. Is there any way to head this off? I can't say that my dogs are any help.
  2. Improving pasture

    What do you think gives you the most bang for your buck when it comes to improving pasture growth and usability? I try to use chemicals sparingly, but I'm not totally against them.
  3. Valentine's Day Plans?

    What are you guys doing for Valentine's Day? Any plans in the works? I know some people don't celebrate it, but my wife and I usually go all out and take a trip. It's the perfect time of year to do so since it's before planting season. The pandemic has thrown a huge wrench in our plans this...
  4. How does no-till farming work exactly?

    I've seen you guys mention it on here a time or two and I can't figure out how it works. I've heard of lasagna gardening and I'm assuming you're talking about the same thing. So, how do you get the seeds or transplants into the soil? Do you use a shovel and dig a hole for each one? That...
  5. Wattle fencing

    Have you ever tried to make a wattle fence? My wife likes the way they look and they seem easy enough to make, but I question whether it would actually hold anything in. Does it really work for small animals like chickens and rabbits?
  6. Compostable livestock mat

    I have not had a good experience with the single-use livestock mats that are supposed to be compostable. They work fine as mats, but I'm questioning the compostable part because I cut mine down into small bits and it's still not breaking down. Have you tried those mats? Are they really...
  7. Mid-range skid-steer loaders

    A John Deere skid-steer loader is definitely out of my price range. Which machines are good middle of the pack vertical-lift skid-steer loaders? I'm leaning towards a Bobcat T300 due to its price and capabilities, but it almost seems too affordable which gives me pause. What do you think?
  8. Improving tomatillo outcome

    I've had not had any luck with my tomatillo plants over the past two years that I've tried growing them. Is this one of those vegetables that are best grown with nursery stock? I seem to wind up with lots of blossoms, but little fruit. Would I be better off trying a hybrid?
  9. CTL or skid-steer loader?

    I work in construction and I run my own farm. At work we've had problems with the skid-steers for the past few years. I don't know if it was the motor switch due to the emissions regulations or something else, but it seems like they're less reliable now. Then again, the skid-steer loader...