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  1. Almost Eden

    Mosquito repelling plants

    Some plants are said to have mosquito repelling properties. How effective are they really? If you've had success with one of those plants, please let me know which one did the trick. Our mosquito population has exploded this year, or at least that's how it feels to me.
  2. Almost Eden

    Where to source beekeeping equipment?

    I'm an organic grower and I believe all my neighbors are too, if the state of their yard is anything to go by. I think I'm going to try my hand at beekeeping. What's a reliable source for bees and the necessary gear?
  3. Almost Eden

    Why aren't we all raising honey bees?

    Why aren't we all raising honey bees and harvesting their honey to go along with our farming practices? We all need pollinators to be successful. I'm a florist who grows my own flowers. You would think that since flowers and honey bees go together that most flower farmers would also keep...
  4. Almost Eden

    Temporary hem

    Is there a way to create a temporary hem on a garment? I bought some convertible hiking pants that are slightly too long, but if I get them hemmed, they won't be convertible pants anymore. All I can find is Stitch Witch, but I believe it's permanent.
  5. Almost Eden

    Require vaccines?

    Do you require your employees to get their vaccinations? If so, which ones do you expect them to get? My understanding is that it's legal to require them, but that you have to offer exemptions for certain things too. I wonder if many employees opt for the exemption. It wouldn't be hard to...
  6. Almost Eden

    Take risk or play it safe?

    During the last growing season, I definitely played it safe by growing what I knew would flourish and sell. I was mainly concerned about the coronavirus pandemic and just keeping the business afloat at that time. I know we're not out of the woods yet with the virus, so I'm not sure whether to...
  7. Almost Eden

    Commercial potato growers

    I'm a bit confused after watching some YouTube videos about potato harvesting on large farms. The machinery at work on a large-scale potato farm is amazing, but it looked like the potatoes were growing right on top of the soil. There was no digging that I could see. Do commercial growers just...
  8. Almost Eden

    Vaccine priority for ag workers?

    Have the powers that be determined where farmworkers are classed on the priority chain for the COVID-19 vaccine? It seems like the classification would be 1b for non-health care frontline workers. Is that your understanding too?
  9. Almost Eden

    Drama queens

    My goats become the biggest drama queens when even the tiniest drop of water happens to fall on them. If that water droplet hits an ear or the nose then it's the end of the world. The goat will rush to the nearest covered space while pitifully bleating. Do your farm animals ever act like...
  10. Almost Eden

    Bartering as part of business

    Do you think that battering has become more of a thing since the pandemic hit us all? I've had more suppliers and wholesalers try it with me lately. I've never taken them up on it though. Is this becoming a new industry trend? Do you barter with your customers and suppliers?
  11. Almost Eden


    I'm curious about raising geese and wonder how they'd assimilate with my goats and chickens. Do geese need water like ducks? Are they as messy as ducks? I know they're quite a bit larger than chickens, so I'd need a docile breed if I go this route. Any suggestions?
  12. Almost Eden

    Cat shelters

    I was looking for ways too keep my barn cats warm and ran across a list of both commercial and DIY cat shelters at the Alley Cat Allies website. Have you guys tried any of these? I've bought a couple of the commercial houses and disliked both of them. I'm surprised they don't get harsher...
  13. Almost Eden

    Sourcing rare seeds and plants

    Where do you guys go to source rare seeds and plants? I have an exotic orchid supplier, but that's the company's only specialty and I'd like to branch out.
  14. Almost Eden

    Septic tanks a hassle?

    We are looking to buy a property that we'll rent out for additional income. If we do this we'd be the landlords, so is it a bad idea to invest in a property with a septic tank. Are septic tanks a hassle?
  15. Almost Eden

    Stocking up?

    What supplies are you all stocking up on for your livestock in case the coronavirus sends us spiraling again? I weathered things okay during the last two rounds of pandemic chaos, but I'd rather rely on preparation instead of luck this go-around.
  16. Almost Eden

    Closing again?

    There's a huge uptick in coronavirus cases again in my area. I own a busy shop. I don't think I'll be forced to close, but I'm seriously considering it if things get bad enough. I'm not sure how to determine when we've reached that level though. I'm leaning towards closing if there's an...
  17. Almost Eden

    Dehydrator or smoker

    I would love to make my own beef jerky and smoked meats. If you own either of these, do you get a lot of use out of them? Is a dehydrator the more versatile of the two? The both seem pretty pricey, so I want to make a good choice.
  18. Almost Eden

    People don't want cheap COVID supplies

    I began making antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer when the stores began running out. Customers kept asking where I got mine, so I started selling them in the store. Through A and B pricing, I noticed that the wipes and sanitizer only sold when I priced them higher than the average amount...
  19. Almost Eden

    Free-range poultry?

    I've noticed that many people here claim to free-range poultry. I thought I did too, but after reading an article about it, I'm starting to wonder if I should call my method something else. It looks like it mostly boils down to fencing. So, if you let your birds out of their run for a good...
  20. Almost Eden

    Great stinkbug invasion

    Any tips for keeping these buggers out of the house? I've never had this problem before, but they're seriously invading the house. They hang on my orchids an awful lot.